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Cam & the State Department Mission #2: Bahrain

Cameron Kashani
Mar 22, 2016 · 5 min read

As an Expert Speaker on Entrepreneurship, specifically Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Empowerment for the US State Department’s Speaker’s Program, a program that has been proven to ward off extremism, I get the incredible honor of being requested by various US Embassies around the world and subsequently sent off to these magical places. Kuwait was my first mission this past November (read about it here), and it changed my life. Now I have the privilege to journey to the country of Bahrain *this* Friday March 25th through the 31st. I’ll be speaking at various engagements, hosting workshops, and more specifically, I was requested to speak at the Bahraini BusinessWomen Society B2B Exhibition. There will be leading women from all over the world collaborating with a focus on Entrepreneurship: Women and Business and Trade — a gathering of powerful women dedicated to disrupting the game and leading as we all like to be led, with power.

Read that bottom part. So much yes.

The B to B International BusinessWomen’s Exhibition is “Inspired by the elevating success of independent, self-empowered, free thinking women globally” and the Society is “Strengthening the role of Bahraini women and their contribution to all commercial, economic, investment, and development activities in the country.” #badass

A little History

I came to America when I was two years old. My parents escaped from Iran a few years after the revolution of 1979; my father fled the front lines of war on horseback, while my mother made her getaway with a needy toddler and a fake passport. They left everything behind, and were armed with nothing other than hope for a better life. It took me a long time to appreciate the risks they took, but it ended up becoming the determining factor on my path of entrepreneurial success. This gives me a unique perspective and appreciation in terms of understanding the significant struggle that women in the Middle East face to be able to discover their own power, and more so, to fully express this power by building companies. And yet, these women are moving mountains together — collaborating, thinking forward, and making changes they want to see, and those changes are making waves. #unitedasone #nobarriersincommunity

Experience deep Impact with me #CamInBahrian #worldofWE

If these women aren’t inspiring, I don’t know what is. The fact that I get to go there and interact with them one on one is absolutely incredible, and I want to share that experience with you. Considering the magnitude of how powerfully Kuwait impacted me, I want to share this experience as vividly as I possibly can because I wonder what you can gain from it. In an effort to help collectively inspire all of us and keep the momentum in the world going, I’m hustling time to do what I can to get things together before heading out Friday — being a single mom that’s committed to world peace is a race on it’s own.

I‘ll be posting pictures, videos, stories, and conducting interviews with the inspirational women I encounter out there. I want a clear picture as to what it’s really like — what are their struggles? Their fears? What inspires them to inspire one another? Do they realize the impact they are creating by standing up to be a united force to choose to collectively create as opposed to conform? We are in a unique time in history, and if there’s ever a time to stand up for what we believe in, it’s now. We are seeing a global movement of empowerment — from women in the US standing up, to women in the Middle East, we are all saying the same thing: WE MATTER. We are human and so we are interconnected — separation is an illusion — I see this movement as a way to unite us all, men and women, inspiring us to come together and make magic happen. #bethechange

I’m absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude and honor to be going to Bahrain and to have the mind-blowing experience of doing so through the State Department for the second time is amazing. As with Kuwait, not only am I fully taken care of — an honored guest of the US Embassy, flying business class, and visa on arrival — but what really gets me is the access to the potential impact I can have during my time there, with the intention of it lasting beyond physical presence.

How Did I Get Here?

I am tearing up at the thought that this is real. This is real life. My story, my words, my anything… inspires humans. How did this happen? If you knew the whole story — of what Cam has done and who Cam thought she should be and who she thought she was for so long, and how I held myself back for SO LONG because I thought I was worthless and powerless, it may surprise you and possibly resonate with you or someone out there that’s struggling in being with themselves. And struggling with loving themselves. And fighting with themselves to be the powerful perfect person they already are. Because the truth is that if I could be working with the US State Department and empowering women and impacting youth, and be dubbed the Godmother of Silicon Beach by this beautiful startup ecosystem in Los Angeles, and in doing so I am inspiring human beings, then ANYONE CAN BE ANYTHING.

Only 18 months ago, I was in the fetal position, in my bed, depressed and refusing to believe that my life had become painfully unrecognizable from the previous year. Now I’m venturing off to Bahrain, empowering women to believe in their own power. I am a prime example of the change we are all capable of — why I preach to#bethechange. (More on my story coming soon in future posts)

Share the Message #CamInBahrain #worldofWE

I know that this trip will be a powerful experience for me, and I know it will be for you as well. I’ll be posting a TON of media on social media, though centrally aggregating everything to my (so not anywhere near perfect but at least it’s working) website so we can have a central spot to view and share the impact of #CamInBahrain.

So if you want to get inspired, and you want to be a part of this movement, and if you want to FEEL the impact of it all with a unique inside perspective of this powerful global movement through the lens of your unreasonable friend Cam, be sure to sign up for updates right now since I’m leaving in like three days. And please don’t forget to share and spread the love with other fellow humans. Everyone can use some inspiration and by sharing, each of you help me help others, and by doing so, we change the world. #communityforlyfe

p.s. if you have any questions you want me to ask, or any tips, tricks, or just want to say ‘hi Cam’, go ahead and share below.


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