ASEA Water and Cancer | A True Story

Cam Rodgers
Sep 7, 2017 · 4 min read

Hi, my name is Cam, today i am going to share my life saving story of ASEA… this is probably not your typical asea testimonial.

I never really wanted to share my story about ASEA before this and never thought i would

but many of friends and family begged me to share my extraordinary ASEA story because it could potentially change so many people’s lives for the better. I figured I’d go ahead and share more story…

I can honestly say that ASEA saved my life… (At least I’m 99% sure or it was God)

I was introduced to ASEA in 2011 by my wife. I faithfully drank ASEA for two years waiting to have an experience like the ones I kept hearing about.

I didn’t really get better sleep or more energy, or even less gray hair.

To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. I was thinking,

“c’mon this is just salt water”

But I was told not to worry because ASEA was working in my body whether I saw it or not.

So I kept faithful. Kept drinking

My skepticism turned into utter amazement in 2015 when I ended up being very ill.

Here’s the story:

In August my wife became concerned about a nagging little cough I had gotten.

I thought it was just allergies but, to make her happy, I went to the doctor.

After a chest X-ray the doctor prescribed some typical antibiotics for what he diagnosed as a small lung infection.

The doctor told me to let him know how I was doing in two weeks. So two weeks later I let him know there was absolutely no change in my condition. I was still coughing.

He scheduled me for a CT scan to see what was going on. The next day he called my wife to say he had scheduled me for a biopsy the following Monday because there was something, a growth, a thing that needed to be looked at.

At this time I was unconcerned because if the doctors had no diagnosis there must not be a problem.

After many tests and still no explanation of what I had was. I began to worry.

Fast forward- I am at the hospital right after receiving lung surgery. They had to remove practically half my lung. I was completely shocked when i found out half my lung was missing.

It seemed what we thought was a little thing turned out to be a bit bigger than I thought.

Bigger and much deadlier.

The pathologist was shaking his head, he told me and my wife that I was truly blessed and could not believe it.

What they found in my lung was a fully encapsulated tumor THE SIZE OF A F-ING PLUM!

Not the metastasized mess they typically find in lung cancer patients.

My understanding at the time was if it was the size of a pea- it was too late.

But I was blessed. SO FRICKEN BLESSED.

The doctors were able to easily remove the encapsulated tumor with very little risk or leftover tumor.

I needed, no chemo, no radiatio, no further treatment needed.


What about my biology caused such an anomaly?

What makes me different from anyone else that has been through this?

It was because of drinking ASEA for 4 years straight.

ASEA had been working inside my body the whole time. Now I wont get into the science of it today- but I implore you to learn more about it. I will put a link at the bottom too

I had the great pleasure of discussing my extraordinary experience with the founder of ASEA Verdis Norton.

It was one of those amazing conversations you have with someone that truly understands what you went through and the why. He had seen similar cases throughout ASEA’s history.

It wasn’t a miracle it’s science.

Yes, other people may have other explanations. And I certainly respect their right to believe what they want. But as Verdis and a whole lot of other people and I know, ASEA made the difference in saving my life.

Statistically I had less than a 15% chance of living to tell you this story now. I am here completely free of that horrible disease all because someone said “just keep drinking ASEA, it’s doing something whether you see it or not”.

ASEA nor myself will promise or say that ASEA will save your life or that it can cure or treat anything. Because well… that’s a against FDA Guidelines.

But it did for me and hundreds of other people. The evidence is out there that this stuff works.

If you have health complications I urge you to check out ASEA and see if it could help you. Just try it could totally change your life and of the lives of those around.

Thanks for reading to my story and have a wonderful day. Please share it and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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