We like ourselves don’t we
George Schmidt

Touchy! I promise I’ll endeavor to “get over myself.” Always fascinating how any confident assertion in a piece of writing will read to someone out there as self-involvement or “liking yourself” too much. These are just some thoughts, friend. And part of the business of writing is stringing your thoughts and observations together in a fun and engaging way, which often involves colorful language and tongue-in-cheek exaggeration. It sounds like most of what offended you here boils down to fun, facetiousness, and poetic license. My use of the phrase “unforgivable parents” falls into this category, and I’m sorry if it upset you. I do not actually think of these people as criminal or immoral. Nor do I wish to obliterate the omni-cultural practice of hero worship. Again, just some thoughts. No essay that brings up characters from Gilligan’s Island should be read as a work of serious ideology.

It’s odd though that you put “just actresses” in quotes when I never used that phrase. In fact, I specifically described them as “flawed, nuanced, complex people.” They were, however, primarily employed as extremely talented actors, and I stand by the basic idea that if you’ll get a lot more out Hepburn (and Monroe too) by watching her beautifully practice the art that made her a star than by buying her unlicensed image on a throw pillow.

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