Announced coffee shop management sim COFFEEHOUSE SIMULATOR. Launched the most wonderful coffee shop in this city

Publisher Playway and Developer Baked Games announced on May 31 the management simulation Coffee House Simulator . The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

COFFEEHOUSE SIMULATOR is a simulation game that runs a coffee shop. Players run a small coffee shop and aim for the best coffee shop in the city. When you receive a customer order, make coffee and sometimes run the store while solving customer problems. Players will experience coffee making from scratch. First, put coffee beans into the mill. Grind the beans and powder the coffee. After that, coffee was extracted with a special machine. When making latte, you can also make a latte art by pouring milk dexterously. It seems that the menu can be prepared for coffee, latte, Cappuccino, espresso, Makito and Mocha.

Making coffee is not just a coffee shop management. It is also important to maintain the environment of the store. Cups and dishes need to be washed regularly with a dishwasher. You need to polish the window of the store, and you have to clean the desk after the customer leaves and prepare for the next customer. Since the number of customers who are always waiting and the number of desks that are still dirty are displayed on the screen, it is necessary to work while paying attention to the entire store. As tasks increase, it seems that they can hire staff who help these chores.

The interior of the store is also important for making shops. Furniture such as tables and chairs can be freely placed, and the interior of the coffee shop can be coordinated. In addition to installing an interior, it is possible to change the color of the wall to change the atmosphere of the shop. You can aim for a good old retro coffee shop, or aim for a sophisticated modern style cafe. Let’s enjoy making a shop as a player preference.

Studio Baked Games, which is based in Poland, is developing COFFEEHOUSE SIMULATOR. As a past work, in 2021, the prison-life simulation PRISON SIMULATOR was released. It has won very popular status from more than 1200 Steam Ste Review. In the latest work, he seems to be trying to develop Coffee House Simulator, taking advantage of the know-how of simulation creation while changing the worldview.

Speaking of coffee shop management sim, there is also ESPRESSO TYCOON, which Dreamway Games is under development. One of the highlights was that using a 3D coffee editor to create a coffee blend visually and easy to understand. Although the blend-creation system in CoffeeHouse Simulator has not been detailed, it seems that it will be more casual and enjoyable than Espresso Tycoon.

COFFEEHOUSE SIMULATOR will be released for PC on Steam.



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