In “Elden Ring”, a “mysterious poison wall” is found. A scary wall that is poisonous when sticking

The Elden Ring confirmed a phenomenon in which the seemingly irregular walls poisoned the players. The user also conveys the background of the background. This article includes a description of the location after the middle of “Eldenring”.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG designed by From Software. There are a variety of locations in this work. While there are beautiful grasslands, there are some dark caves, and a widespread environment where poison and corruption swamps spread over a wide area. In addition, Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, who once said in an overseas media interview, saying, “If you notice it, you can make a poisonous swamp and you can’t stop it yourself.” The poison swamp is a familiar element in the “Dark Soul” series, which Miyazaki was involved in as a center of development. In the Elden Ring, he has implemented his specialty poisonous swamps and rotten swamps, screaming the players.

The other day, a new kind of poisonous land was discovered by this player. It is a “poison wall”. It seems that Mr. Miyazaki, who loves poison swamps, is a playful “poisonous Easter egg”, and it doesn’t seem to be. The poison wall in question exists at a certain place in the volcanic building. The blessing “Aiglley’s Cathedral” is the wall of the scaffold under the cliff. At any rate, it is just a rock wall, but if it adheres, the player accumulates poison and the appearance is dyed. This phenomenon has been confirmed by the author, and Zullie, who has posted analysis videos such as the Dark Soul series, has released videos of verification and consideration.

According to Zullie, the poison wall may have been born by a “small mistake in development.” According to his analysis, this work has an element called “Hit Material”. In this work, footsteps and attack hits change in rock, soil, water, etc., and on the poisonous swamps and lava, the player accumulates or damage. She explains that Hit Material is a mechanism that gives such properties to the ground and walls. For example, a specific hit Material is given to the green poison swamp, and the water sound and toxicity are given to the terrain.

And what happens if a specific hit Material for this poison swamp is mistakenly applied to a normal terrain? The logic is that it works as a poisonous swamp, despite its normal ground or wall. In other words, it is thought that the wall that has been used as a poisonous swamp is normal, even though it looks normal. When I actually checked it in the game, when it sticks to the wall, it not only eats poisoning, but also a water sound like a swamp. Also, when I hit the wall with a weapon, it sounded like a splash different from other walls. It can be said that ZULLIE’s consideration results are supported.

In conclusion, this poison wall did not reflect Miyazaki’s preferences… but the possibility of a problem is high. The mysterious poison wall exists is a hidden scaffold under the cliff, not a place where many players often visit. Fortunately, this phenomenon doesn’t seem to be in trouble. If you plunge into the poison wall, the whole body will be dyed neatly, so it will look a little interesting. It’s not too far from blessing, so it’s a good idea to visit it once. Also, if you look for it, there may be other walls and grounds that would have been mistaken for materials.


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