The Liberal Agenda

As I sit here and read about the last Democratic debate (Sorry I couldn’t stomach it myself), I am left wondering how we came to this point. How did we go from being one of the world’s superpowers to that country that doesn't stand for anything.

The latest subject that keeps coming up over and over is gun control. Obama has used every opportunity that he can to say that “we need tougher gun control laws”. Interesting enough (and you don't even have to research to know it is true) criminals do NOT follow laws. I know this is hard to believe but they don’t.

So why, if criminals do not follow laws, would more gun control laws work? What level of “gun control” is Obama talking about? He keeps referring to Great Britain and Australia, and they totally removed guns from citizens. To answer this lets fist understand WHY we have a second ammendment. This was put into place to ensure that Government never grew too powerful and took over the people of this country. So yes it was designed to keep us safe.

Some may argue that the Government has already taken over, but I say not the levels of tyrants and murderers of other countries that were taken over. This is one thing that secretly I think the democrats fear and want all guns removed. Makes it much less likely of a revolt. Would we revolt? That is highly unlikely as well. We couldn't even get enough smart people to NOT vote Obama in, how would we organise a revolt? If you look in history, our founding fathers started the revolution for LESS taxes than we pay today. So we just keep taking it as usual.

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