Hi Max. I am a Trump supporter.
Rick Clayton

Hi Rick, I appreciate your perspective. I get it, your experiences shape your reality and we all look at the same things and see them differently. Life is essentially an endless game of telephone. (google it)This is and will always be. I believe in the ideals of the republican party to the extant that if you work hard you can achieve anything you want, and you can do it on your own without government assistance or anyone else’s for that matter. For this reason I see talking about how high taxes are or how much the government is taking as an excuse, because at the end of the day your individual success is independent of whatever president is in office, donald, Obama or anyone else. After all people don’t avoid starting a business, or getting a job because the taxes are too high, at least i’ve never heard that. Maybe you have. But the real reason I’m am here and the reason I lean left is a question. My question is how one justifies voting for a party that has a long history of actively trying to stifle the rights of others? Women’s rights, black rights, gay rights, you name it. If you are not a racist a sexist or just a bigot, and I am not calling you that, I am just asking how can someone who claims they are none of these things vote and claim a party that has exhibited these qualities for quite some time, including during these “glory days” that everyone seems so fond of bringing up. What is the internal dialogue? I legitimately want to understand this, so I hope I worded this in a way that encourages productive dialogue rather than the alternative. E pluribus unum

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