Bernie Sanders : Less than a Candidate
Javon A. Price

Let me first say that I think Bernie has been clear on his foreign policy, and that I do support him as pres. However I agree with you in that single payer health care won’t succeed in the US. But only because we are not ready to accept the concept of it yet. I believe it will be the future, which i think you articulated, maybe indirectly. But my larger point is I think where we agree that Bernie recognizes a lot of his policies may be this way but his intention is just as much to win the presidency as it is to have these issues discussed openly. If he wins he gets to get the ball rolling on policies Hillary will drag her feet on, they may not be implemented immediately but the groundwork will be laid more quickly than if hillary is in charge of seeing them through. If he doesn’t win then he has brought the public attention to these issues and forced Hillary to acknowledge these issues as well and if she wins there will be pressure for her to be accountable for what she said she would do (which she has struggled with in the past) So i guess my point is either way Bernie wins. Either way i enjoyed the article. I hope this made some sense, keep up the good work.

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