Email Marketing Tips from America’s Presidential Personalities

While President’s Day officially celebrates George Washington’s birthday, the holiday is a great opportunity to reflect on some of America’s best-known leaders. Marketers can draw inspiration from some of these presidential personalities to make their email marketing campaigns go off with a bang. Consider using some of the following best practices to build out more robust and effective campaigns throughout the year.

Strategize Like Washington: Plan Ahead to Optimize Campaigns and ROI

As America’s very first president, George Washington was revered for his strategic mindset and military campaigns. Marketers can take a leaf out of Washington’s book by consistently planning and thinking ahead in order to create the most effective email campaigns.

On top of creating themed campaigns tied to annual holidays or recurring events, marketers should think about the impact busy seasons may have on their subscribers. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s all present opportunities to reconnect with customers who may have lost interest in a brand. Use these holidays in Q4 to build strategies for rebuilding relationships with subscribers. As technologies like AI and automation advance, think about using these tools to create targeted campaigns for individual users based on their demographics, past purchase history or interests.

Keep an Open Mind Like Jefferson: Tie Trends to Campaigns

Thomas Jefferson was known for having an open mind when it came to new ideas. In today’s fast-paced digital era, trends can emerge quickly and go viral with the click of a button. It’s important for marketers to monitor for the latest trends, including hot topics in the news and emerging technologies, in order to stay on top of what’s going on in the world. Being able to adjust to current trends is essential to stay relevant and keep subscribers engaged in today’s noisy and crowded marketplace.

Whether it’s the Winter Olympics or SpaceX’s recent car launch into space, marketers should incorporate trending news topics into campaigns whenever possible. It’s also important to be aware of any new social media platforms or emerging technologies that could impact marketing programs, such as augmented reality. Use these tools to capture subscribers’ attention by creating new content or putting an augmented spin on campaigns. Consider using A/B testing to further determine which content is most effective, and use that data to adjust campaigns accordingly.

Tweet Like Trump: Use Social Media to Engage With Subscribers

Donald Trump has taken social media usage to a new level in his presidency, making headlines for his tweets as often as for his political moves. Marketers can follow Trump’s lead by taking advantage of social media and subscribers’ mobile usage habits to further integrate email campaigns.

Personalized subject lines and landing pages are key to increasing open rates, but marketers can continue the momentum by asking subscribers to share their content on Twitter and other social media sites. By integrating social media in the right ways, marketers can gain visibility with new audiences to increase their email subscription rates. Also, linking social profiles to the bottom of email campaigns can lead to a larger social media following.

This President’s Day, incorporate these tips from our nation’s past and present leaders to optimize email marketing campaigns, not only during this holiday but throughout the rest of the year. By strategizing and planning ahead, adapting campaigns to the latest trends, and integrating social media, marketers can ensure that their campaigns are presidential enough for subscribers to pledge allegiance to their brand.

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