Camping and Caravanning

Fifty years ago we only knew the word “camping”. But when the first motorhomes rolled off the assembly line and travel-hungry customers started to imagine visiting several places for short periods of time, the term “caravanning” entered the dictionary.

The line between both markets, ‘camping’ as well as ‘caravanning’, is becoming blurred

Since that time, the words “Camping” and “Caravanning” are inseparably linked.

The manufacturers that produce motorhomes, caravans, and camping equipment develop most of their products following market trends. As market demand from both customers as well as campsites grows, the manufacturers have been supplying both market segments with highly-specialized products. Caravanning and camping manufacturers are catering to the market needs with better and more usable products as a way to offer more innovative ways for the customers to spend their free time.

Regardless of the fact that the line between both markets, ‘camping’ as well as ‘caravanning’ is becoming blurred, there is still a considerable difference in the way the vacationers spend their pastime and the duration of time spent in one place. We can see that while the ‘camping’ fans are traditionally more attached to just a few select locations, which they know and frequent every year and whose owners they know, the ‘caravanning’ fans adhere to a more bohemian lifestyle and will spend less time in one place, thus increasing the span of their trips and the number of locations visited.

Camping and caravanning will have one thing in common, though — how to find and book the perfect spot in a campsite

Camping and caravanning will have one thing in common, though — how to find and book the perfect spot in a campsite or a motorhome parking place. This is something that has not changed much in the last few years. It is true that campsites are being marketed on different online platforms. However, many small but very good campsites are not well-represented online and few motorhomers know them well, so they are notoriously difficult to find. On top of that, if a camping or caravanning enthusiast wants to book a spot, any spot, on a particular camping ground, they have to either send an email inquiry or have lengthy phone conversations with the reception desk clerk, who often does not speak English well enough or is not responsive as we would need them to be. And since more and more motorhomers start looking for appropriate campsites already on the fly, this unresponsiveness of reception desk clerks can represent a problem.

The words ‘Camping’ and ‘Caravanning’ are inseparably linked

We have witnessed the tremendous development of mobile devices, which opens up new opportunities and changes how we find and book campsite spaces. One option, the easiest one actually, would be for campsites to show travelers whether they still have free capacities or not. This would enable campers and motorhomers to head directly to the campsite of choice, based on the vacancy information the campsite would be showing in real time. But an even better solution for campers would be if they could choose and book a specific spot within a campsite, based on their preferences. And perhaps such a solution is not far away…

What do you think should be improved in the way campsites are managed and marketed?

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