Do Not Condemn Sean Hannity, Do Not Damage the People We’ll Need to Rebuild
Glenn Beck

You speak of loving your nation, but how many people will die and how will America ever recover after HRC ?, We are at a point today even if the best human on earth were elected, we might not make it. You speak of Principles, does that include an HRC that will have 100% power and go 100% unchecked, if President ?, That will be the case if she wins, and you know this. As far as Trump is concerned ?, no, he is not a great or even a good man, but Remember God used many bad men to do his will in the past and tell me, What power will Trump or any Republican have with out a political machine like HRC has to back him ?, Who will let him even breathe with out making it a Federal Case, the truth is, no one, why ?, because HRC’s big machine will be standing over Trump like a bird of prey. Maybe you have a problem about Trumps stand on letting Jihadist come in the USA ?, you are a Mormon and your founder did consider himself to be spiritually connected to Mohammad, he did say he wanted Mormonism to be like Islam. Is this your principle or concern ?. if it is, god held us all.

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