Shhhhh! Listen to Your Users!

Notice the position of the stop in relation to the market.

Meet the Atlanta Streetcar, a new mode of transport in the city of Atlanta for….well….you’ll see later. Step one in constructing a new transit system isn’t design, its conducting a review of existing structures and service areas. As a resident of Atlanta, you could call me a target user for this…I think.

After conducting simple user interviews, we found startling trends. The residents think the Atlanta Streetcar is for tourist, but the tourist think it’s for the residents. The streetcar itself is stuck somewhere in between. The best part of this is that all of this could have been resolved with a simple user interview of current users and previous users.

Instead, what arrived could only be considered a UX Disaster. The perveption of this new mode of transport is so vague that no one, not even the creators, seem to know its target users. The lack of information on the streetcar can only be described as distrubing.

Notice all of the wallspace used for the Streetcar.

Atlanta’s streetcar is the first service/product that I have seen to pitch itsslef to its current users. WHAT IS THE NEED!?!?! When McDonalds, sells you a big mac, they dont immediatly have thier employees recomend another big mac to you. The sale is already over!

This doesnt even begin to touch on the most important problems with the POS System. The lack of synchronization with the MARTA’s(Atlanta Transit Authority) Breeze cards is…..astonishing. Redundancy and illogical planning plague this system with a price tag of 100 million dollars. The best motion forwards is a MAJOR redesign of the system entirely.