Phantoms creep
And creepers fantasize
Between the sheets
And lines 
Of Snow White
On my notebook written and trying to avoid rhyme 
But couplets keep cropping up 
And couples keep shop open 
What’s your story
We met in a bookshop
Or in a coffee store
Swiped right
Passed me on the subway

Candy candidly wrapped up on your birthday 
And gold cuffs the hoops they are so round
And I am always homeworked and you are always outward bound 
Unfaithfully departed

Bind me, my spine the edge of your slim book 
And I’ll buck and you’ll shove me down and tell me not to be a brat 
(And tie me up) 
And my smooth skin 
The pages 
You called it porcelain 
‘Like no other’
But weighed in probability 
You have said the same 
Thing to the same kind of thing 
But your shade

I’d gladly hide from the sun in it 
And I’m learning to love it 
Your attitude 
Ruuuude haha