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Thanks to the continued support of our early adopters, we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs, implementing new features, and creating important partnerships for what’s next. See below for all the new features and improvements to look out for in the app.

New Design

Gather has been completely redesigned based on all of the feedback from early users. When viewing a trip or event, the content is now organized into four different tabs: Details, Chat, Map, and Feed.

Details — Contains all of the trip information, including the Participants, Agenda, Suggestions, Expenses, Polls, Flights, and Accommodations.

Chat — Automatic group chat built into each trip and event, accessible to everyone on the trip. …

Eric Campbell

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Gather is a social app that makes it easy to plan and (soon) book trips with friends and family. If you’ve ever been on a long email or text chain to plan/coordinate a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday trip, family trip, or a vacation, then you know how much of a mess it can be.

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Ditch the long email chains, text chains, and spreadsheets

Gather’s initial focus is to greatly simplify and improve the experience for both the coordinator and the participants of a group trip. We are solving the pain points from a social/group perspective, which provides a unique solution on the market.

What can you do with Gather?

Create a Trip and Invite Your Friends

Gather makes it easy to add friends & family to your trip, regardless of whether they have the app installed or not. If you aren’t sure where you’re heading, or which dates you’re going, you can create a poll to coordinate available dates with everyone on the trip. …


Eric Campbell

Founder & CEO @ Gather

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