3 Marketing Secrets Everyone Needs to Know

  1. Make Information Research & Data Driven

· Over 70% of marketers saying that they will create more content in next 12 months, which means that the sheer volume of content will continue to rise as it has rapidly in recent years

· There is no room for assumptions about the needs of your ideal customers

· Be narrow focused on delivering the answers that your customers seek out

· Do your homework

· This requires that you do your homework.

· Instead of focusing on what you want to say, you should leverage websites and tools such as:

Ø Buzzsumo

Ø Google’s Keyword Tool

Ø Moz

Ø Brandwatch

2. Determine and Map Unmet Needs of Your Customer

· Knowing what your ideal customers want to better understand is only the first step

· Then you need to map these questions and unmet information needs to the most appropriate step in your customer’s journey

· You need to fully appreciate where your ideal customers are in their buying journey

· Encourage customers to make contributions to the topics

· Map unmet needs of your customer’s journey will give a much needed context to the content you create and with it much more relevance

3. Make Mobile a Priority

· Many companies are still focusing on the desktop/laptop experience instead of the mobile realm

· Most customers spend over 70% of their time viewing content on their mobile devices

· Apps accounts for almost 89% of mobile media time spent viewing

· Customers become extremely frustrated when content is not accessible via mobile means

· Mobile is an expectation at this point, not an option

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