Have you ever written a review on yelp or for trip advisor or just written a review about a product you purchased or service you’ve had ?

Did you ever think to yourself… hey wouldn’t it be great to get paid for the review or receive a bonus ?

Then let me introduce you to BRAVOCOIN , BravoCoin is an app available on iOS

and Android

that allows you to do just that … get paid for writing reviews.

BravoCoin has more than 2000 current users just like you and I.

Write a short 4–5 line review on a Restaurant, a Hotel, a Movie, an exchange, a coin , a service, an event, an employer, a book, a video game or even your favourite attractions and get paid in BravoCoin for your efforts.

There are many ways you can earn BravoCoin on this platform….

1 Write a review earn Authors rewards.

2 Vote on someone else’s review.

3 Earn curation points for a review.

4 Earn curation points for voting on someone else’s review.

5 Comment on a review and earn a thumbs up for your comments & earn BravoCoin.

The platform is easy to use and you can add friends on BravoCoin as well. You can send friends BravoCoin with ease and make someone smile.

BravoCoin gives you the opportunity to read other reviews from people all over the world which is incredibly helpful when travelling, use other people’s experiences to make your holiday experience flawless.

The beauty of BravoCoin is that all these experiences are in one place , restaurants, hotels, services, attractions & much more making it easy to get a feel for somewhere in the world before you even left home.

You can plan your trip accordingly!

I’ve been an active user on BravoCoin for about 4 months have accumulated the equivalent of $4K Australian, made about 150 new friends , enjoyed seeing beautiful attractions around the world I’d never heard of before, learned about hotels, restaurants & services in an Area in the United States I plan to visit soon. I’ve given gifts of BravoCoin to friends who join the platform and been able to witness their joy being part of BravoCoin app.

I personally have written over 280 short reviews on Great hotels I’ve stayed at all over Western Australia and some in other States.

I’ve been able to share my Knowledge about the most beautiful attractions WA has to offer.

Offer real world experiences at restaurants, Share my views on service providers and retail stores I’ve used.

Share great theme parks , wineries, holiday destinations and transportation options and companies I trust.

I’ve gained knowledge about Crypto currencies I’d previously had no knowledge about just from reading others reviews and thoughts regarding the coins, been exposed to new tokens I had no idea existed. Had experienced traders drop knowledge on exchanges, pod casts, coins and dapps.

I have read reviews on books I would have never bothered to read prior to reading the reviews & gone to see movies I may not have experienced had it not been for someone else’s review.

The platform itself is constantly evolving the developers are always working on making the user experience better. The support team is fantastic, so helpful and very prompt at responding to any queries.

There’s a 24/7 telegram chat with translation bots for anyone who may not be fluent in English and the platform caters for several languages you can set on your profile and view reviews written in other languages translated into your preferred language.

There are a number of helpful links :




Block explorer

ANN Thread



You can even add this BravoCoin link to your Social Media accounts


BravoCoin is currently supported by Sistemkoin but I would dearly love to see them on KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase, CoinbasePro , LAToken or Bitmart to name a few.

The BravoCoin user base is growing daily making BravoCoin an extremely viable coin with a growing number of blockchain transactions.

If you haven’t explored BravoCoin come on in & share your views with us today. Use my invite link :

Let me know you’ve joined us at BravoCoin and I’ll add you as a friend and check out your reviews.

Clare Campbell.

<a href=“https://bravocoin.com”>BravoCoin</a>



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