4 Amazing Offbeat Destination Near Delhi No One Talks About

The major tourist places around Delhi are swarming with a huge number of tourists during peak seasons, especially during summer months. However, there are many other offbeat destinations also there around Delhi, which are not much explored by the tourists. Surviving the rampant surge of commercialization, there are many nature-kissed places around Delhi, which you can explore to enjoy a revitalizing weekend with family. Here, we will discuss about a few such options.

The places which are not so popular may have some drawbacks as scarcity of accommodation facilities or not adequate public transportation etc. However, these places can surely offer the most needed tranquility and peace to energize you.

  1. Pangot

The hilly terrain of Pangot in the state of Uttarakhand is known as the birdwatcher’s trove. Pangot is a little hill station town near to the Nainital district, which is explored by nature lovers. Known as bird watchers paradise, it is an ideal place of environmentalist and nature enthusiasts to explore. There is nearly about 580 different species of bird available here including the rare ones. The distance to Pangot from Delhi is about 310 KM and the nearest railway station is Kathgodam.

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2. Binsar

Binsar is another amazing offbeat destination near Delhi, located in Uttarkhand state at about 400 km from Delhi. The place is well known among the travelers for roaring predators to towering peaks. The surreal nature and flora and fauna around in Binsar will win hearts of all sort of people visiting this place. The view of Nanda Devi’s Trisul to the amazing wildlife sanctuary, Binsar has something to satisfy the tastes of all kind of tourists. The town is located at about 2400 meters above the sea level and is one of the highest hill station destinations in the Kumaon range.

3. Fagu

Fagu is another enchanting hill station town which is at the Kufri region in Shimla. You can get some amazing glimpses of the mighty Himalayan summits from Fagu. The major attraction here is stone houses, which are dotted all over the ever ending rows of green plantations. It is a must seen offbeat weekend getaways from Delhi. The ski fest here in February is a truly amazing even to witness. Distance to Fagu from Delhi is 380 km.

4. Darang

If you want to enjoy a whiff of refreshment and freshness, Darang in Himachal is an apt choice to make for the next weekend. Ensuring the Himachal beauty at its best, Darang is and amazing offbeat destination near Delhi, which is located on the road leading to Palampur. You can have a refreshing walk through the lush tea gardens spreading across the hills. Chirping of birds and the sound of toads will offer an audio treat to your ears throughout the time. Distance between Delhi and Darang is 435 km by road.

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