Day 0

Today is the day. I’m finally working as an “Agile Coach”.

Yesterday we had a huge event in our company about “Self-Designing-Teams”. What’s that? Well, the short version:

  1. Product Owners present their products / domains
  2. We had a huge room (there attended about 140 people), where for each team there was a booth with the number of desired chairs in front of it
  3. Everybody could assign himself to a team where he wanted to work (as long as the constraints are fulfilled)
  4. The PO and the management reviews the teams and if they do not see any huge problems, with the new teams, everything is fine, otherwise you needed to assign yourself maybe to another team
  5. After three rounds, we had the final teams
  6. The teams got a list of the available agile coaches and could vote for their top three priorities
  7. The agile coaches tried to make as many of the teams as happy as possible

And there I am. I’m voted as the coach of a small team, which is going to split in the near future into two teams. And I’m happy with that — and hopefully the team will also :)

So what did we do today? Up till now, not that much, as we are in kind of a “ignition period” we focused on several tasks.

  • on-boarding of new team members
  • get to know each other
  • get an understanding what the product is about
  • Had the first technical meeting, as some colleagues from the Ukraine are still here
  • Within the group of agile coaches, we had an introduction to an “Architecture Design Technique” which we will use to gather architecture decisions (will get another article later)

In the same time I started with the “New Scrum Master Email Course” from Growing Agile. So in the first week I will create an “Agile Coaching Journal”, and see whats coming out of that.

I’m really looking forward to the next steps!