If Nobody Cares, Well, Nobody Cares

Rumi said, “Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

There are journalists who take risks. Challenging the powers. Jeopardizing their careers and their lives.

…and then there is everyone else.

Everyone else stays on the safe side of the fence. There is an edge in journalism but not a lot of people are willing to even get close let alone go over. Hunter S. Thompson said, about the edge that, “there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.’

The people who have gone over and are even now sitting in prisons or writing the story that that will expose some evil are being marginalized, ostracized, persecuted and killed. These are the people that everyone else should be emulating.

So in light of the above I would like to point out that I do not harbor any ill will towards anyone who is engaging in getting the message out. I just think it’s time that it goes to the next level.

To bring about any kind of change the voices of truth have to be loud, they have to be brave and there has to be a lot of them. As it is now there are a lot of them but they are not loud or brave. There are people who report on the reporters but not a lot of reporters who jump in feet first.

It is time for the voices that are whispering in corners to their friends to shout out in unison, for the voices to stand up together, for the voices to be willing to risk everything so that the truth can be told. It is time to come out of the dark.

It is long past time for the citizen journalists to band together and speak as one.

Instead what I am seeing is little, fractured, weak voices screaming at each other.

What is necessary to understand is that unless you are making waves you are just treading water.

No one cares what you have to say. You may have a little following here and there or be shooting for a certain number of subscribers but you are not changing anything.

Going on about how outraged you are about one thing or another is just pissing into the wind. So instead of pissing into the wind lets start kicking against the pricks. Lets get them afraid of us. Lets get them on the ropes. Lets get them to fear our voices and our power.

I guess I always have to include the disclaimer that no amount of noise will save us or change things significantly but it will be fun. Imagine the look on their faces when we just say no. When we close our amazon accounts and cancel our twitters and facebooks and start to actually talk to one another. Imagine the look on their faces when they realize that we are no longer listening. Imagine Elon Musk or any of the others waking up one day and having no one really care about what they are doing or saying.

Nothing puts the fear of god into the power structure more than us talking to each other and I mean really talking not fucking around on social media but some good old fashioned hard core face to face talking where we can come to conclusions and make plans and begin to subvert the “greedheads and pigfuckers” (Hunter S. Thompson again)

It is a problem for me when I try again and again to put together some type of community that is dedicated to making life better for everyone, at least in the short term, and again and again running up against a wall of apparent indifference to what is going to happen. Even people who are aware of what we are faced with seem to think its okay to just sit around and watch football games.

Maybe it is okay to watch football games but a little weird in light of what we are faced with.

Real community is hard and takes work but ultimately it is worth it. It is a lot harder than popping in to facebook every now and again to push the like button or comment on some post.

I would very much like to see all the voices out there shut off the computers, forget about facebook and twitter, and go outside, talk to their neighbors, arrange small weekly get togethers, have dinner together, maybe make a plan of sorts.

You may have a lot of followers but, most likely, none of them are going to be able to contribute to your community or even be interested in contributing to your community.

There was an interesting video I saw yesterday that went through the first 60 minutes of what would happen if the internet went down. It is, I believe, a fairly accurate depiction of what would go on. Although it might not unfold in 60 minutes it will unfold.

So I would implore all of you citizen journalists to ask yourself, if your platform is no longer functioning, what are you going to do? You will be all alone and unless you have built a support system around you, you’re going to be pretty much dead in the water.

As horrific as the future is going to be the blow could be softened, at least a little, by knowing you have people around that you can count on.

…one more thing (there is always one more thing) Can you tell me anything about your immediate surroundings? Do you know if there is a source of food or water within walking distance of your house? Do you know if anything of interest has happened, either good or bad, within a mile or two of your house? Do you personally know anyone that would be willing to help in an emergency? Do you have a relationship with someone who has medical training? Do you have a relationship with someone who can fix things like your car or your roof? It might be a really good idea to start looking for these people and having them over for dinner. Maybe explain to them how you are trying to make sure that the folks in your circle are okay if there are problems and see if you can get them on board.

It might be more important than you think and it might be coming faster than you imagine.



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