5 Reasons Why Camping, Meditation And Yoga Improves Your Wellness

Studies confirm that the chaos and bustle of city often puts us dwellers of it in a compromising position where we prioritise work and social life over health and well-being. Drawing from elements of ecotherapy, biophilia, biomimicry and our experience in outdoor living, its a no-brainer to us to be invested in making nature more accessible with specific intention of improving health and wellness without compromising on having fun. About 65% of India’s population of 1.3 billion is under 35yrs of age. In order to harness our collective potential for the future, it is silly to assume that we can continue to ignore the holistic wellness of the mind and body. This includes thorough nourishment, physical activity, mental stimulation, time in the outdoors and time with oneself.

Combine these forces with tools like yoga and meditation and you have an endless list of benefits.

Here are some:

1.Reduces Stress and Anxiety

While troubles may seem to never end, through tools like outdoor meditation, camping and yoga; the body and mind learn to arrive at a state of ease midst the highs and lows, both. You’ll begin to sleep better too and you’d switch to preventive health.

2. Improves Mental Health

Science has identified the correlation between compromised mental health and lack of Vitamin D. How much time do you spend under the sun everyday? Research indicates roughly 20–40mins is good for the Indian tropical weather based on skin colour. Time to get some tans!

3. Improves Physical Health and Immunity

Practicing the different techniques under yoga and meditation in the outdoors brings not only physical strength and balance but also lets you do it in a less-polluted environment where its benefits have direct impact on your wellness. Outdoor oxygen > indoor oxygen, any day.

4. Improves Grounding

While practicing yoga and meditation in the outdoors, you are directly in contact with the earth beneath. The flow of negative ions through the body equalises the negative electric potential between the earth and you that causes reduction of inflammation and blood pressure amongst other benefits.

5. Meet like minded people and make the outdoors your new adda

Its not all dull and boring in these wellness circles. Camp Wellness by Campmonk is an initiative to encourage individuals to find support groups and practices that encourages campers to have fun without compromising on their health. Check the event out here: https://campmonk.com/event/camp-wellness-yoga-medi-27

While 20mins/day may be a good to stock up on Vitamin D, imagine what making a practice of spending time outdoors could do for you! If you’re thinking camping nights, treks, adventure activities, treks, trails, music around the campfire, meditation and yoga; and the likes then that search ends with us.

Step outside!

We’re making booking beautiful campsites in India easy peasy | www.campmonk.com

We’re making booking beautiful campsites in India easy peasy | www.campmonk.com