I will ask myself what it means to be a first generation college student and how it affects my day-to-day life. There are first-generation college students, most of which come from families that are minorities. That is not to say that there are no American first generation college students, as are mentioned in the video. https://youtu.be/JvGLJfPV3-c I understand that I am paving the wave of other family members to follow in my footsteps, to end the cycle and better my family’s current situation. It is a big responsibility, but not a burden. I am proud to be in college, and I appreciate everything my parents have done for me to get to college. I will not falter, and I will become the best individual I can be, and return the favor. It is in my best interest to finish college, and not only make my family proud, but to also pursue my dreams. For instance, graduating and working as a Computer Science major, helping to improve the world through technology. Whether it be working in a medical field, a bank, or a law firm, any possible route is important for the advancement of human society. I will also ask myself what it will mean to my family, as I mentioned before, I will be able to set up a foundation of future family members to be able go to college. My children will receive assistance from me through their academic endeavors. It is not my parents fault for not understanding the material that I was being taught, but they did the best they could, and I appreciate them for always trying and succeeding.

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