Good News I Focused On Work Today

It was another 12 hour day in the office. Arrived at 7AM and left at 7:30Pm. I got a lot done for the office. They have the analysis on the project they need an most of my paperwork is up to date that nobody will ever read. Now all of this came at an opportunity cost for them.

My latest thought is to show the organization, that I don’t want to stop work after 10 hours and go play golf, I want to stop working after 10 hours and go learn something else so it can help them and yes, help me too! In the current model, they don’t get that. Just keep working! Get the paperwork up to date! Don’t go home until it is or you’ll be behind! Schedule those meetings! Bring in the deadlines faster!

Last night, I wrote that I did not want to write any more negative posts. Yet, here I am again with a less than positive outlook. Night after night I find I am in a downward tailspin. For the few followers I have, I apologize. I realize the world has a lot of opportunity but I am unable to take advantage of it because I am working. I know that is a good problem to have, but I never thought I would have to give up the ability to learn at the expense of working.

Tomorrow is another day. I can guarantee if I hit the PowerBall this will be a whole new me!