My Ideal Vacation

Sea Ray L650 Fly

I don’t like to vacation. I don’t want to sit on a beach doing nothing. I once went to Cancun and did every activity imaginable by Tuesday. I looked at my traveling companions that did not participate in any of the activities and said “Now what do I do?” To which they replied “You sit at the pool…”

This past weekend I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about these extreme vacations that people go on. I just don’t get the appeal of going to the end of the earth to “Vacation”. I think my ideal vacation is where I can go and learn something. Maybe I do not like the word vacation since I feel I have not earned it. After all I don’t feel like I have achieved anything to earn a “Vacation”. Sure I go to work 5–6 days a week, 11+ hours a day, but then again so does everyone else. To take time off so I can go sit on a beach or something that moves at some ridicously slow pace is not for me.

Thinking back over the years to the vacations I have taken, the best ones are where I learn something. I have been fortunate enough to have gone on a lot of vacations. Fun vacations with family and friends and countless others, but the top 2 vacations I have been on in life are 1)Helping a friend drive a boat from Connecticut to Miami and 2)Skiing. Given my new avoidance of any sport requiring a helment, I will most likely never ski again.

The boating was the best trip as I got to learn so much on the trip. I learned navigation. I learned about the Intercoastal. I learned how to get rescued by the Coast Guard. I learned how to get towed in by Sea Tow. I learned how to “Follow the Line of Magenta” so you do not run aground when driving the boat down the Intercoastal. I learned about GPS. I learned how punishing mother nature can be to 48 foot boats and make them seem like a toothpick in her bathtub. Regardless of the experience I learned a lot on that “Vacation”. I am yet to find one similar to it.

In a few weeks I am headed on another “vacation” to take my Mom to Florida. I am not sure if the words Mom, Florida and vacation go in the same sentence. The good news is that my Mom does not like to sit on the beach. Our time will be spent looking at a lot of sites and while I may not learn anything that I can use in the future, itwill reinforce my learning that my Mom has endured a lot and I can only learn from her on what I will face in the future.

To those that endure these extreme vacations, I give you credit. I could think of nothing worse for myself. It would cause an amazing amount of anxiety for me to attend something like that. Therefore, I give you credit as you know how to “Vacation”, where as I am off attempting to learn something on vacation so I can get to a new level in life.

Looking back on this post, it is a random collection of thoughts. Please remember I started writing more in an attempt to get better, therefore you may need to come back time and again to see if I actually get better.

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