Here is a timeline of the series of panel discussions entitled #CampusConversations that have been running from the 14th of July and will end on the 3rd of November 2017. #CampusConversations are an initiative of Campus Moments in partnership with Sexual Rights Center Bulawayo.

by Tam’sanqa Mhepoh | Nust-ZW

ISSA Hayatou’s ouster from the position of CAF (Confederation of African Football) president in March 2017 is by far the best development that occurred on the continent this year. At age 70, Hayatou had been president of the African football governing body for 29 years.

How this happened is what must inspire all youth for Africa to realise the demographic dividend in the near future.

It only took thirst for change and collective responsibility to vote out the graying chief in favour of a much younger leader.

2016 research showed that civic action results in…

by Thando Nkomo| Nust-ZW | @careerfactoryzw

Four years at university can seem like a drag, but when you’re in your final year you won’t help but muse at how fast the years have slipped by.

You’re suddenly no longer that wet-behind-the-ears freshy who was stumbling around campus trying to handle assignment deadlines, peer pressure and nasty arrogant lecturers.

You’re in control now. Like wine you have matured. And with maturity you’ve become less carefree.

You’re a senior now and every decision you make is like a gold coin thrown into your piggy bank.

You need to ensure that you finish…

by Prudence Muzenda | Uludağ University, Turkey

I smiled back to my mum as she waved goodbye. “What a determined girl.” She must have said to herself. It had became her everyday routine to stand by the gate as l walked towards the bus stop. “Don’t think too much.” She’d always say. “One day it will come through”. Smiling was like a gift that the Almighty had given me before he even knew what l was going to become. I smiled a lot despite the second world that I lived through in my head. It was only a few days…

Diary of a Zimbo studying Abroad: “Hong Kong culture more classist than racist”

by Getrude Gwenzi | @JusG_G (tw)| Lingnan University-Hong Kong

I have been living in Hong Kong for a month now. I have been observing this society with interest and making my own observations so that I do not succumb to generalizations and assumptions of how Chinese people are or ought to be.

I want to tackle the subject of racism which was really sparked by the following video:

STARTING a student soci­ety can be a great way to meet new people, have some fun and boost your CV. However, you can’t start one just like that. You’ve got to go through the right motions and tick the right boxes first.

Here’s our guide to starting a stu­dent society. We hope it helps!


Ok, this may sound a bit obvious, but it’s essential that your society is fresh, origi­nal and unique. You can’t just start another football society if one already exists. …

IMAGINE being born and growing up in a war zone.

You never have a permanent place of residence, just always moving from place to place in a bid to escape death and survive. You never understand why people are getting killed and more so, why your parents and thousands of other families are suffering in the bushes.

For many years of your childhood you are not learning but just watching hundreds of children and adults, including your mom, die due to lack of medicine, food and clean water.

However, due to interventions by non-profit organizations such as the United Nations…

Campus Moments

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