Ad insertion with AWS Elemental Live and Boragrid using SCTE-35 markers

Charles Salim
3 min readJun 19, 2018


Ad Insertion is a very important part of many video delivery systems because of the monetization aspect — it generates revenue!
Ciro A. Noronha, PhD

SCTE-35 Cue-Out and Cue-In markes can be used to perform live stream server-side or player-side ad insertion allowing content monetization.

Platforms such as AWS Elemental Delta and Yospace (Ad server) can detect these markers and replace the live signal with user-personalized advertising material.

AWS Elemental Live encoders supports broadcast standard SCTE-35 markers Insertion on live stream content. Using Boragrid it’s a simple task.

SCTE-35 marks insertion

Boragrid allows you to use two ways to insert bookmarks: “Cue-Out + Cue-In” and “Cue-Out + Duration”.

Cue-Out + Cue-In

Here a manual Cue-Out marker insertion is requested to the encoder. A optional Splice Offset parameter can be used to delay the marker insertion.

After receiving the marker the Ad server or the player, will replace current stream content by Ad content. They will wait for a Cue In marker to return to live stream. A optional Return Offset parameter can also be use to delay the return to live stream.

Cue-Out + Duration

Now a Duration time is appended to Cue-Out Marker manual insertion request.

Stream content will be replaced by the Ad server or by the player as previously described, however they will wait for the duration time to revert to the live stream.

Splice Offset and Return Offset can also be used as before.

Note: No Cue-In mark will be insert to the stream at the end of the duration time.

Case Study: Yospace - 7Tennis - Australian Open

See how Seven Network monetised matches from all 16 tennis courts of the Australian Open using Boragrid and Yospace’s Dynamic Ad Insertion platform.

More Information

For more information about how to use Boragrid to request SCTE-35 markers insertion see the online documentation.

About Boragrid

Boragrid is a software tool that allows simultaneous management and monitoring of multiple transmissions generated by AWS Elemental Live encoders. It is designed to make your work easier by providing features not available in the standard interface of your encoders.

Some features

  • Real-time image and animation insertion
  • SCTE-35 marks insertion
  • Input source switch
  • Audio gain adjustment
  • Audible alerts

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