One simple idea to make your emails unmissable… (and a bit of craic!)

Random = Unforgettable

On average, business users receive 121 emails a day.

121 emails A DAY!

That email you sent her was that measly 1. Without you, she still has 120 to get through.

There are books on writing effective emails but here’s just one simple idea:

Stop writing BORING subject lines!

I’m going to give this new strategy a go for 30 days and see how it goes.

Subject lines I’ve used today so far:

Pink solar panels and a giant peach

Purple solar panels and a giant kiwi (original!)

Inflatable dinosaurs the size of a skyscraper

Green pencils flying in the face of harmony (what?!)

Thunderbirds are go!

(All of which had a “p.s. the above subject title has absolutely zero relevance whatsoever to the contents of this email… as every good subject title does.” at the end of the email.)

You’re nuts Cam.


But if you were to bet on one of these subject lines or ‘Hey’ ‘Catching up’ ‘Today’ ‘Meeting’ ‘Reaching out’… what one would you put your money on?

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