I can find no other way to interpret this idea. If you can write men who are deep, but you can’t find a way to put that depth into women, then you‘re saying it seems unrealistic to you that women could have that depth. You’re saying you could never understand that a woman has that depth.
I’m Done “Looking Past” Poorly Written Female Characters
Casey Nugent

I was with you all the way on this article, until this. This is what kills your argument for me.

I’m a writer and I go out of my way to write round, strong female characters, but that didn’t come naturally.

I’m surrounded by great women that have taught me so much and whom I respect greatly. I have 4 daughters and want them to be successful.

But it was still hard for me to get inside a female’s head enough to write a good character. On a fundamental level, men and women view the world in different ways. It took a lot of questions, deep thinking, practice, and reworking to write good female characters. And I’m still working on it.

It’s not that they necessarily don’t see woman as possibly having that depth in real life. It’s just not a skill that they have or they chose not to use it to write this show.

I think you’re right with what you’re trying to say though. They need to develop and use that skill every time they write.

Entertainment and the world in general would be a much better place if writers could write better female characters consistently and if people who buy those scripts/manuscripts would require it.


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