I’m going to kind of hijack this and use the comment section to go off on a bit of a tangent.
Eric Schulz

Eh… okay. This is coming from a Falcons fan, so it can’t be read as homerism. This is kind of an absurd argument once you place Montana above Brady. Dinging Brady for playing for Belichick but ignoring that Montana played under Walsh kind of leaves this post wanting. Walsh perfected an offensive system that was copied and became the dominant system for two decades. Also Montana never took his team to a conference championship game throwing to a pair of eyes named Reche Caldwell as his number one receiver.

Plus, it’s difficult to think that Brady was not worth one extra win — a playoff clinching one at that — in ’08. It also stretches the imagination past breaking to think that Brissett is ready to lead a team deep into the playoffs. Meaning, maybe Jimmy is really good, and worth whatever ransom gets paid for his services in the future.

I’ve gone on longer than I wanted to here. In the end, I think it’s silly to try to completely separate the two. I dunno if you’re a Pats fan or not, but I do know that you’d likely take Brady on your team.

Parting shot: if Brady approached contract negotiations the same way Peyton did, it’s possible he’s a.) playing for a different team, or b.) doesn’t have the same level of team success. Brady plays/ed for way below market value. If you think that doesn’t matter ask a Saints fan what it’s like to watch that defense play every week.

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