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For me, both Black Messiah (D’Angelo) and To Pimp a Butterfly (Kendrick) as well as Summertime ’06 (Vince Staples) are all masterpieces in the way most people ascribe to TLOP.

For me, Kendrick especially, captured the essence of the last two years in America. This culminated in people chanting the hook from “Alright” at a protest.

Staples highlighted how the lower income areas are no different from what they have been forever, despite the supposed progress since the 60s.

D’Angelo took every bit of today’s anger and filtered it through the lens of Gaye and Otis and Cooke.

The aesthetics of TLOP are great, but it is so divorced from everyday life for most of us that I don’t think it resonates the same way as the others.

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