Maybe “obey” and “submit” are the better words, not so much you do as you are told out of love but…
Louis Weeks

Here, let me help you.

I was tempted to use the ol’ “I have lots of Black friends, but…” example prejudiced people use to defend their casual bigotry. That would be unfair to you and lazy of me.

And please explain this Fallacy to your liberal friends.

On ‘silencing’

“you lie!” was not a rhetorical attempt to silence? Okay, I can imagine you don’t see it that way. Here is a clear example:

A protester interrupted Obama one time. The crowd tried to shout the man down. Obama stopped them and highlighted the guy’s right to free speech.

I don’t think I even need to say what Trump did when protesters showed up at his rallies. You know what happened.

Do I think that Trump paid fake protesters? No. Do I think they let them in on purpose so that they could make a show of kicking them out? Maybe. Not sure.

Perhaps the more plausible explanation is that Obama and Clinton were better at securing their rallies than Trump was. I mean looking at the haphazard manner in which his administration runs plus how small his campaign staff was, it wouldn’t surprise me that incompetence allowed the rallies to turn into a game of piñata.

The point here is that you don’t know either. But the simple fact this discussion can exist with a straight face is pretty damning to Trump’s confidence and/or sincerity.

On ‘echo chamber:’ then why are you here? For some reason, a lot of you act like the echo chamber is exclusive to the Left. The Internet is one big circle jerk — left or right, they all come where they want.

On ‘obedience/submission:’ oh please. 1.) the Republican party has been know since at least the 80s as the more disciplined of the two parties.

2.) The news sources are distributed asymmetrically: the far right had many more prominent new sources and pundits than the far left. In fact, what is considered far left is absurdly centrist on a fair scale. Despite the Right’s propaganda, there are no real socialists in American politics. Even Bernie is at best socialist-lite.

3.) partially a result of and a cause of #2, the Overton window has significantly shifted to the right. See: 2009 ACA debate. The ACA was largely based on the Massachusetts health care system and the Heritage Foundation’s ‘market-based alternative’ to Clinton care.

Well, 15 years later, this system implemented by a Republican Governor and designed by a free market think tank was suddenly labeled socialist. And people bought it.

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