Get opulent Service Marketplace Software for a real manifestation of your Thumbtack Clone Business.

camy finch
May 16, 2017 · 3 min read

The wave of disruptive technology has already driven towards sharing economy with perfect amalgamation of on-demand technology. Today a normal person has too much on their plate to deal with on daily basis. Besides, being wrapped up with full time jobs and other tasks, they choose to get their work done through professional service providers, additionally with an ease and in quick momentum. Such services could be for home chores, health, beauty and wellness, handyman services, photographer, event planning, food delivery and the list goes on.

On the other part, there are millions of unemployed pros who choose to bring their services over online platforms. They serve the society with exquisite pro services and make it as their primary source of income. This golden handshake from both the ends has given rise to demand of online connecting platforms where the exchange of these services can be managed. One such existing platform namely Thumbtack has lead a successful business model and instigated upcoming start-ups and entrepreneurs to build one such online service platforms.

To foster potential and enthralling start-ups businesses constitute strong business foundation, we at ClonesCloud have opened up market with ready-to-launch local service marketplace web platform called Click2Done.

Click2Done is a path breaking Thumbtack Clone Script that lets your consumer service business set in motion with feature rich online platform.

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Click2Done — A ready-to-launch Service Marketplace Software.

Click2Done is endowed with staggering features and is technology savvy product offering you promptly put your feet right in the marketplace industry hassle-free and at much rational cost. The key role players involved with monetizing this business are a service provider, a customer and the administrator (owner) of the website. Each role player receives stand-out features assembled with this Service Marketplace Script, like:

Service Provider Features:

  • Advanced User Friendly Dashboard
  • Splendid Portfolio
  • Automatic Service matching notifications
  • Easy Placement of Quotes
  • Wallet Support
  • Redeem Request

Customer Features:

  • Multiple Login facility
  • Explore wide range of Service Categories
  • Unlimited Request for Service
  • Review Panel
  • Accept/Reject Quote of PRO

In addition to this, numerous basic features are also tugged to assure it gives you real manifestation of your Service Marketplace Business. It includes:

  • Multiple Language Support
  • PayPal Standard Payment Gateway
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Private Message Board and many more.

To ease the management for the owners of the web platform, we have enabled dynamic and user friendly Admin Dashboard. It serves as great support system for the management of user, services categories and sub-categories, payments, credit packages, and many more.

Click here for quick glance of the operating Demo of Click2Done. We have got it ready for you.

Click2Done — A PHP Thumbtack Clone Script is a Minimum Viable Product that lets your get the ball rolling for a connecting platform between customers and local professionals. However, the real potential of the Custom Thumbtack Clone Script can be explored with customization of the features for your exclusive and niche business requirements. This is supported as the platform is scripted in open source framework, with highly flexible and adaptive structures that can be customized. This strengthens your platform to let you unleash more business opportunities in the industry for the years ahead.

Over and above everything, this ready-made platform saves a lot of your business man hours exempting you from the long sluggish process of getting it developed from scratch and making it dormant. We have informatively produced this web platform considering B2B and B2C business strategy that let you draw excellence in your service industry.

If you gotcha one such innovative idea in the cards to be implemented with local service marketplace business or in case you are a prospective business person, drop us line at We are head over heals ready to help you with your dream ideas.

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