The Future of Advertising, Marketing and Monitoring - Ad Node

In a market that has been flooded with hundreds of PoS coins that have no real use-cases, or end up being scams, there’s one coin that has been standing out from the rest. Ad Node was brought to my attention by a friend earlier this week and I’ve had my eye on it ever since. The first thing that caught my eye was a very excited and active community. There was plenty of reason to be excited with the HUGE success that the team has had so far with their presale. Let’s dig into some of the details surrounding this exciting project.

  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY: 20 000 000
  • PRE-MINE: 1.25 %

Masternode Statistic and Monitoring Platform

Ad Node plans on creating a platform that removes the need for a middleman that exists in the form of advertising networks and assist masternode owners and Developers get the maximum exposure possible. They plan on making it very modern and as user-friendly as possible. According to their Roadmap, their plan is to have it launched in Q1 of 2019.

What has the team accomplished so far?

In a short period of time, the Ad Node team has already accomplished so much. Their presale only started a few days ago and it has been very successful so far. There was 20 masternodes available in the First Phase and it completely sold out. They’re currently still in the Second Phase of their presale and it’s already 80% sold out! With all of this early success, it opened up a lot of possibilities for the team to move forward very quickly and they have taken full advantage of that.

Using the funds raised from their presale, the team has already paid for a CryptoBridge listing and KYD team verification. This is a huge milestone to have paid these fees in such a short period of time and it shows to the community that the Ad Node team is striving for nothing but the best for this project. Since then, the team has partnered with various other Discord groups and multiple other teams opening up the Ad Node community to thousands of other potential investors.


Yesterday, the team crossed off another important step on their Roadmap when they released their Whitepaper. Everyone that I’ve seen talking about the Whitepaper so far has been very impressed and that’s for good reason. It is a very well-written Whitepaper and included every detail an investor would like to know before investing in a project.

The whitepaper goes into detail on the schedule for developing their platform, a detailed Roadmap, rewards breakdown, coin specification, and also mentions their Ad Node Graphics Store which will be used to purchase custom designs as well as standard templates.

The biggest thing that stood out to me from the Whitepaper was their Financial Breakdown. You don’t see many project release this information anymore because they don’t want the public to see where they are spending the funds they raised. This is a great sign from a relatively new team looking to gain the trust of their community. If every team was as open with their spending as the Ad Node team, the entire Crypto community would have a lot easier time investing their hard earned money into new projects. This was a very professional, and an extremely refreshing sight to see as a potential investor.

Whats Next?

Although the Ad Node team has already accomplished so much in such a short period of time, they still have a lot of work to do. Their next step is releasing all of the presale coins to their investors on Friday, November 9th. I’m a big fan of the fact that they are releasing all of the presale coins at the same time so some investors don’t have an earlier advantage accumulating rewards before other investors. This was a huge factor in the late success of their presale because most of the time earlier investors have the benefit of accumulating multiple other masternodes through rewards and it makes buying coins from the team less appealing.

After they’re live on CryptoBridge, Ad Node will be getting listed on MNO as well as multiple other tracking sites. Looking further down the road, they plan on multiple other exchange listings including Cryptopia and partnering with multiple other coins. They also have plans for a customized Android wallet in Q4 of 2018. This will be very convenient for HODLers to have access to their wallets on their phones and most projects never accomplish this task. Very exciting times ahead!

Nothing But Good Signs

When researching new projects, there’s usually multiple “Red Flags” that pop up that scare myself, and many other investors away. That is not the case with Ad Node. I’ve read everything I’ve could find about this project so far and everything has exceeded my expectations. A solid team, a great plan, and a very excited community usually makes for a successful project. As long as everything runs smoothly over the next little while, I’d highly recommend taking a look into Ad Node as a potential long-term investment. But, as always, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! I’ll include a few links below for you to have a look and decide for yourself.

Useful Links

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