Researching Trittium — Blockchain Based Loans

Hey everybody!

After a few requests, I figured that it was finally time I started writing articles on some of the latest coins I’m looking into. I want to try writing two or three articles per week talking about a different project each time.

Today, I did a lot of research on Trittium $TRTT and I’m very impressed with what I’ve found thus far. Trittium is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency developed on Asic and Nicehash resistant algorithm. Trittium supports insta- and private send features and has masternodes with great rewards. To run a Trittium masternode, you’ll need 50,000 $TRTT and the current ROI is a little over 900%.

Trittium is developing a platform that will change the loan issuing industry. You will be able to easily take out a loan by leveraging Trittium coins. There will be no credit checks, full privacy, and low interest rates.

Trittium is currently available for trading on CryptoBridge and the price has been holding very steady during this downward trend in the overall market. Over the last two months if I’m researching a new project and I notice that a coin hasn’t suffered a huge decrease in value it really stands out because to me, that shows the potential a project has and how strong the community behind the project is.

After doing my own research, Trittium looks like a great project so far and I plan on making it one of my next investments. I highly suggest you take a look into this project as well and do your own research!

Here’s a few links that’ll help you get started with your own research.