The Acreage Platform

Everyone has been talking about Masternode Coins over these past few months. I mean, who wouldn’t love having a passive income during a Bear Market? This is a huge reason why Masternodes have taken the Crypto world by storm recently. Nothing is ever as good as it seems though and there’s usually one common problem with most of these projects. They don’t have a real world use-case. The ones that do, are the ones that stick around and build a solid community. Acreage Coin is doing just that.

Acreage Coin is building a Platform that will allow Property Surveyors the ability to upload and sell their surveys for Acreage Coins. In doing so, sellers of surveys are digitizing their survey to make a true public record for the availability of future generations. Often times, surveys are lost or discarded and another one must be ordered. This is a major waste of time and energy for all parties involved and Acreage plans to solve this problem. The exchange of ACR coins will create a value that surveyors must compete against if a buyer wants to decide between hiring a surveyor or purchasing an older survey.

ACR Coin Specs

MATURITY | 75 Blocks
BLOCK TIMER | 60 sec
PREMINE | 400,000 ACR
MAX SUPPLY | 20,500,000 ACR

Currently, The only way to buy ACR is through their pre-sale which is currently in Phase 2. Phase 1 completely sold out and I wouldn’t be surprised if Phase 2 sells out just as fast. Selling that many Masternodes in this current market is a great accomplishment of it’s own because most projects are struggling to sell any Masternodes at all. This is a great sign that other members of the Crypto community believe in this project and want to be a part of it from the beginning.

Pre-sale information

1st phase (SOLD OUT) - 0.40 BTC 
2nd phase (ONGOING) - 0.45 BTC 
3rd phase - 0.50 BTC, begins 7/29 
There are discounts available on purchases of multiple Masternodes. They’re also offer staking packages in multiples of 1,000ACR each for 0.09 BTC.

Personally, I like this project. I think they are doing exactly what a new project should do. They found a problem with the way a current transaction is done, and they came up with a solution for that problem. If they can make this platform a success, this project will be around for a long time and that would make the few Masternodes that are currently available in the pre-sale very valuable in the future. I’m glad I’m going to be involved with this project from the very beginning and I’m confident it will succeed.

Here’s a few links to help you get started with your own research.
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