How to use Job Bank — Canadian Immigration

With an interactive website, the Canadian government has an excellent tool for immigrants moving to Canada seeking employment. The Job Bank is as online system that connects applicants from all over the world to employers who seeks employees for their companies.

The Job Bank uses employers to post available jobs with skill requirements and experience. The Job Match matches potential employees to the job listings most suitable to their profile. In many cases, applicants familiar with Express Entry will use the Job Bank as a search tool for employment. This allows skilled workers to apply for various working visas through an online process that selects suitable applicants to fill industries in need of skilled workers.

How to use the Job Bank

Simply type in the job industry you are interested in and the system will direct you to all job opportunities. The website has many helpful tools in order to help you decide which jobs to apply for based on your interest, skills and experience. You can use the career tool to see what qualification you need for certain job roles. Below is a list of some examples of types of qualifications you need per job role.

· Accounting — Diploma or Bachelors

· Biological and Biomedical Science — Diploma, Bachelors or Masters

· Building Construction Finishing / Management and Inception — Trades or Diploma

· Chemical Engineering — Bachelors or Masters

· Communication or Journalism — Bachelors

If you have registered with the original Job bank site, you will need to re-apply on the new Job Match site with the assistance of our helpful RCIC consultants.

How does it help you?

The Job Bank can help you make well-informed decisions about where to live and work by simply producing a report that contains information about jobs descriptions, wages, skills, language training and job opportunities tailored to your needs. Currently the site has over 90 000 job postings, so if you are thinking of working in Canada, the Job Bank is a great start to your search for employment in Canada.

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