Saskatchewan’s In-Demand Occupations Category Reopens for 500 New Applicants

A standard migration classification in Saskatchewan has consented to receive 500 new applications as of the morning of October 4, 2016. The International Skilled Worker Occupations In-Demand sub-classification of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) licenses skilled workers with involvement in a sought after occupation in Saskatchewan to make an application for a provincial nomination certificate, which may then be trailed by an application for Canadian permanent residence. Hopefuls don’t require an occupation offer to make an application.

The SINP sub-category has been resuscitated on different events in 2016, the last time being on August 30, when the application affirmation top was filled inside a few days.

Among other capability essentials, hopefuls must be exceedingly skilled in a in-demand occupation in the region. The present list contains 21 occupations over an extent of ventures, prominently in eminently in engineering, trades, agriculture, health care, and IT.

Requirements for SINP International Skilled Worker Occupations In-Demand

· Provide proof of legal status if residing in Canada

· Obtain a minimum language score if Canadian Language Benchmark 4

· Have at least one year completed if post-secondary education or training equivalent to the Canadian education system

· Show proof of having one year (minimum) of paid work experience in the past ten years related to the field of education or training in a highly skilled occupation

· Provide proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure if your profession is regulated in Saskatchewan and requires compulsory certification or licensing

· Proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan

· Score at least 60 points out of 100 on the point assessment grid

Here is a List of the in-demand occupations for the SINP International Skilled Worker-Occupations In-Demand sub-category:

1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

2. Managers in Social, Community and Correctional Services

3. Recreation, Sports and Fitness Program and Service Directors

4. Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers

5. Managers in Agriculture

6. Property Administrative

7. Purchasing Agents and Officers

8. Health Information Management Occupations

9. Mathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries

10. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants and more

Why are people flocking to Saskatchewan? Allow us to enlighten you by giving the top five reasons why more people are choosing to settle in Saskatchewan:

· Growth — For two consecutive years, the fastest growing cities in Canada have been the prairies (such as Saskatchewan). According to Statistic Canada, Saskatoon is the second fastest growing city in Canada. Not only is the province growing rapidly, it also has a large youth population with an average age of 34.

· Salary — A mere three years ago, Saskatchewan workers’ average weekly salary was placed third in the country and has proven to have climbed since.

· Job opportunities — Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Canada. On Workopolis, there are on average, 900 available job advertisements for Saskatchewan in an array of industries.

· Immigration — Over the last 10 years, annual immigration to Saskatchewan has increased from around 1 700 to almost 11 200, with immigrants arriving from over 108 different countries.

· The Graduate Retention Program — This is Saskatchewan’s refundable and non-refundable income tax credit that refunds up to $20,000 in tuition fees to graduates who reside in Saskatchewan for up to seven years’ post-graduation.

Overall, Saskatchewan is a pleasant province to reside in with a high quality of life and low cost of living. With many job opportunities available and an increasing population, Saskatchewan may be the next place for you.

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