Day 84

I went on my first date in LA! He was the first guy I had an extended conversation with on CMB and he seemed legit even though he didn’t handle some of his conversation topics on text very well. He was also mad late to the actual date, but for some reason the vibe was good so I didn’t stay irked. I think it’s because I went in thinking we were going to be friends and spent literally the entire date feeling platonic about this guy. He seems like a good guy to be friends with, very easy to talk to and although he fumbles some of his social cues and doesn’t respond super eloquently, he’s got fair values and seems somewhat woke, so I didn’t feel threatened or uncomfortable too much. I didn’t offer at all to pay for any of my stuff, which I felt was justified since he made me wait in the cold for like 20 minutes past our planned time, which was 10 minutes after I’d arrived since I was technically early for our new planned time. I don’t mind. He was clumsy around topics he clearly didn’t know too much about, and I’d prefer a guy admit he doesn’t know too much about my undergraduate than fake his way through a conversation about it. And I would prefer a guy didn’t ask me about my dating app life and my luck around it and chat about his uses of it, because that’s not really what I’m here for. So that stuck him somewhat firmly into the friendzone. I think I vaguely thought he was not 5"6 like he claimed; more 5"4, because he seemed about as tall as my parents if not a little taller. Couldn’t really tell because I was thinking this two drinks in. He took me to some really neat bars though, so I was grateful for the experience! We talked about some race and gender stuff and he seemed to have some opinions about it which was neat to hear. Nothing too radical but nothing too alarming.

Overall, a good introduction into the dating scene.