How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

Interesting piece, written with passion!

The best thing America can do is to just shut off the national biased media. CNN seeks political influence, but needs viewers. Deny them that even further. People are waking up, CNN is now to Fake News what Kleenex is to tissue.

The WAPO changed their masthead to ‘Democracy Dies in Darknesses’ after their candidate lost the Presidential election. Instead, promote the true WAPO masthead: “Journalism Dies with Media Bias.”

Reject attempts to get us to constantly watch the latest “Breaking News” as it will be of course selected and filtered through a political lens, and frequently also just wrong or fake (CNN). Just turn them off. Oh, and if any of the biggest offenders (NYT,WAPO,CNN,FNC,MSNBC) claim a ‘new poll’ tells us what to think, hit delete. Remember, they want to make money and they want to tell you what to think. “News” is not the goal. Deny them their goals, and smile while you are doing it.

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