How I Wake Up To Myself?

Stories of Change- How I Wake up To myself?

I started doing freelance consulting, a huge step i took at the age of 33, that combines my passion for creating change and impact, with my quest for meaning and freedom.

So, I promised myself to change my morning routines which used to be composed of checking e-mails and driving in hectic traffic, continued with a crazier traffic of e-mails, phone calls and meetings. And, that had to change in my new life chapter.

It has been only 1 week, it was still enough to see the positive impact on how i feel, think and deal with everyday life.

Here is how I wake up everyday;

1- I open my eyes. I breathe. I drink two glasses of water on my nightstand as I focus only on the water flowing inside me.

2- I check how I feel. If I feel rested, and happy I say thank you internally (to my body and the universe). If I’m anxious or sad, I take couple of moments to resonate those feelings and listen to their message, then take notes on one of my favourite new application: MoodNotes.

3- I open my bedroom door, in hopes that my 2,5-year-old and 4 year-old daughters are waking up- they would be banging on my door if they woke up already:)- We cuddle, kiss and share our dreams from last night, I do not rush, focus on them with full attention and everybody feels satisfied and peaceful within 15 minutes.

4- I do my major iPhone checks for about ten minutes: Daily Calendar, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. No e-mails!

5- I put on my running clothes, and drive to Bebek, a place by Bosphorus in Istanbul. If the weather is too hot, I go to gym. I put on my headphones, one of the Spotify playlists and start by walking (5 min) and run around 45 min. With some stretching and shower. The overall exercise takes almost an hour.

6- I have a light breakfast, preferably outdoors with a friend or a team member. Focusing and enjoying only what i eat, drink and share. If I don’t have time, I grab coffee and a toast to work my system.

After all this, I’m ready to tackle the rest of my day. I love my routine, and I want to create a ‘Before Sleep’ version, too.

Are there any interesting things you do in your morning or before sleep routine you can share?

Check Point 1: November 2015

After 3 months of applying my morning routine, not only I’m better in health and shape but also there is a clarity in my thinking and boost in self confidence.

So far I received ‘Thank you’ messages from 3 friends who also started doing sports after getting inspired from my Medium post. One friend per month…Not bad, huh?

I want to thank to a group called ‘Hareket Candir’ what inspired me to create a healthy lifestyle routine, and its founder dearest @melisabacioglu. Precious young and rising business lady, with awesome energy!