Gıda üretim izni almak

Gıda üretim izni alabilmek için resmi gazete, mevzuatlar, tebliğler arasında kaybolmuşken biraz da gayrı resmi kaynak bulayım dedim ve işimi göreceğine inandığım bir kaynak ile karşılaştım.

Elif Dedeoğlu kurabiye yapıyor;’da bir blog da hazırlamış. Kurabiyeleri şahane gözüküyor, o kadar şahane ki bu kurabiyeleri yemeye kıyamam. Gereğinden fazla şirin, şeker kurabiye arasından bu yazı içine koyacak bir tane resmi zor buldum. Malum, teknik bir blog burası, o kadar şirinliği kaldıramaz.

Elif Hanım ilk adımdan gıda üretim iznine kadar başından geçenleri detaylı bir şekilde anlatmış fakat verdiği bu bilgiler blog girdileri arasında kaybolmuş, ya da ben sitesindeki haliyle çok rahat…

How I solve the problem of maintaining long-running processes on my laptop

I am a developer and a linux system administrator who needs some daemons on my laptop, time to time. Managing these daemons, remembering their parameters and, most importantly remembering to run them is not an easy task. For all of these I decided to use supervisord.

To get supervisord, my suggestion is first to install python from homebrew and pip install supervisor.

Choose a folder for your supervisord (mine is ~/Can/supervisor/), create a conf.d and childlogs folder in it. For all files below, don’t forget to replace “/Users/canburak/” with your home path. Put the following in supervisor.conf:


@ symbol used as the initial “a” for the “amin” (amen) formula in the Bulgarian translation of the Manasses Chronicle (c. 1345)

For English readers: This post is about inputting Turkish characters to Emacs, on Mac OS.

Yıllardan 2013, neredeyse 2014 idi; o devirde Mac’te Türkçe karakter yazabilmek için emacs’i ayarlamak gerekiyordu. Hey gidi günler…

Yurtdışından satın alınmış laptopumun klavyesi Türçe yazabilmek için şu şekilde ayarlı:

A view of the sea from Balicasag

Singapore to Manila, Cebu & Tagbilaran — Day 2 of 3

This post is about my second day of my trip to Philippines. You can also read about the first day.

There are 2 main tours are available here: Island hopping and Chocolate Hills. Today is the day for the Island hopping tour.


Second day started pretty early at 5am, because we the dolphins are passing by early. After some time travelling with the boat, we’ve seen a bunch of them. I was unable to frame them but some of them visible at the center of the following photo.

apple juice dispenser with the Apple logO, a Cebu speciality!

Singapore to Manila, Cebu & Tagbilaran — Day 1 of 3

This post is about my first day of my trip to Philippines.

For a long time I wanted to go for a weekend trip, away from Singapore but that didn’t actually happen for a long time, until recently.

After spending some time surfing the net, asking people around, the destination happened to be the Bohol Island, in Philippines.

The route was simple: We’ve started the journey from Singapore, flew to Manila, followed by a domestic flight to Cebu. From Cebu, took a ferry to Tagbilaran, Bohol.

POS — PAP2 — 3G —BRI — $$$

This is an old post migrated from my blog, around February 2012.

I like to read Paul Venezia’s blog from time to time. He talks about things like MRJ21 cables or C19-to-L6-20 cables. Recently he wrote IT guy wanted; must have own tools which I remembered today when dealing with the problem I’ll talk about below.

Some of my work involves Brandsfever, which is a private shopping club in Singapore. Tomorrow we’ll have an offline sales event and we need to charge customers’ cards.

VeriFone Vx 510

We got a POS device, VeriFone Vx 510. …

This is an old post migrated from my blog, around May 2012. Please leave a note if it is still usable or broken.

I was looking around for transactional email solutions and decided to test Mandrill. The easiest test case for me was to setup my laptop to relay over it. I am using Ubuntu 12.04. You can find your credentials in the settings page.

An easier method would be using swaks:

swaks —to YOUR_EMAIL \
—server \
—auth-user YOUR_USERNAME \
—auth-password YOUR_API_KEY

First step is to set a fully qualified domain as your hostname. Check if hostname -f

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