Introducing app services in India to receive compensation for flight cancellations

Air travel has always been appealing since you can travel across continents in a short period of time when compared to other modes of transportation like road and water transport. However the air travel industry does have challenges of its own to deal with in the form of flight cancellation, flight delays and overbooking of flights. Certain procedures like overbooking are done within the airline industry in order to make sure that flights don’t take off with unoccupied seats. This leaves passengers stranded at the airport since they are denied boarding and they have to travel on alternate arrangements made by the airline in order to reach their destination. All these challenges make air travel disagreeable to some passengers and hence a procedure is required to compensate those passengers who have been put at a disadvantage due to a cancelled flight or when they are denied boarding.

compensation for flight cancellations

Air travel in India has gotten easy with the entry of refundme to India! refundme is a real maverick when it comes to enforcing the rights of the passengers and giving them the compensation that they are entitled to receive when a flight is cancelled or when they are denied boarding. Now passengers can check whether they are eligible for compensation via a mobile app at the airport itself and don’t need access to either a laptop or a desktop or any other computing device since the mobile app gives them all the information they need and even lets them know the amount they’ll receive as compensation.

refundme was formed with a vision of making air travel stress-free and hi-tech by using state-of-the-art technology and legal expertise to provide compensation to passengers who have been inconvenienced by cancelled flights or have been denied boarding due to overbooking. With the entry of refundme to India, air travelers of India can now only expect things to get easier as refundme is the worldwide virtuoso in air passenger rights and its enforcement in situations of flight cancellation, flight delay and denied boarding due to flight overbooking.

Denied Boarding

Passengers need not approach the airline or go through tedious procedures that involve way too much paperwork or bureaucratic procedures and legal hurdles as everything is taken care of by refundme and the entrytheir wide network of lawyers! Now claiming compensation is a breeze and air travel is made easy by refundme and their expertise is passenger rights that they enforce to make sure that air travelers don’t face any financial risks while claiming compensation!

refundme knows that people all over the world are using mobile and hand-held devices and in keeping with the trend we have introduced a mobile app though which passengers can instantly check whether they are eligible and the amount they will receive as compensation and all this even before they leave the airport!

The next time you visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris or St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, you don’t have to worry about cancelled or delayed flights sincerefundme provides compensation based on EU regulation. Air travelers of India who visit countries in Europe either on a family vacation or on a business trip are at an added advantage since they can receive compensation based on European Passenger Rights when a flight is cancelled or delayed or when they are denied boarding due to overbooking.