Easter 🐣 2020

This may be the first Easter that many of us are experiencing what it really means to have faith, hope, compassion, and love for the people in our community.

Often we come on to our devices merely to share an image of the “perfect” edited, timed, placed, angled photo trying to portray a life that’s more about a show versus reality.

In this time of self isolation it gives us an opportunity to take a break and rvu late what life is truly about…family, love, compassion, and selflessness for others beyond ourself.

Remember as you enjoy your…

by Cancergeek

I made a promise to myself that I was going to take time and make sure that I try to write, edit, and ship a new post 5 days a week.

This week I only achieved 3 out of 5 days.

In a school that would be a failing grade.

In basketball, 60% from the free-throw line would make me the guy to foul at the end of the game. From the 3 point line, it would make me the guy the coach tells “to shoot at will.”

In baseball, it would mean I’m batting 600. I’d most…

By Cancergeek

Each day I am inundated with emails, calls, texts, DM’s, likes, loves, and comments.

I take the time to read comments and do my very best to respond to each and every single one of them.

At times there is an email, a voicemail, or a comment that is negative, snarky, or points out that I may be wrong.

When I first started out, I would read the negative feedback and have an immediate reaction. A set feeling that made my heart race, or feel like a gut punch, or made me believe I was wrong.

It was…

by Cancergeek

01.8.20 Denver Security Check

It’s the beginning of the travel season for me. With that means more airports, more security checkpoints, and more lines.

I will be the first to admit that having “status” is very nice. It means shorter lines, help when issues arise, and a bit more legroom. (Good thing since I am about as a tall as smurf wearing a bowtie.)

I always find it interesting when I walk up to the security lines and see which lane people choose.

In Denver, there is the TSA Pre✅, Clear, Premium (for airline status), and the general boarding.

The TSA Pre✅…

By CancerGeek

I’m off on the first business trip of the new year and new decade.

I took a hard 2 week break from social media. No checking Twitter, no real posts on Instagram, no responses on gmail, no stories on Snap.

I spent time with those in my physical presence. Having conversations, listening, and learning at the #Nof1

This decade is about shipping.

It means showing up consistently, doing the hard work of putting something down on paper, editing it, editing some more, and then publishing it and sending it out into the world.

It’s about leading by example…

by Cancergeek

A New Decade • New Experiences

Life is all about experiences, and in my top 9, you see a few of the professional and personal experiences of 2019.

Our experiences are always at the #Nof1

Whether family, friends, colleagues or people we randomly meet, take the time to live, to be in the moment, to make a connection, and to create a ripple in this world. Always do it at the N of 1.

My first decade of the 2000’s was about mistakes. I made a lot of them.

The decade of the 10’s (teens) was about course…

by Cancergeek

  1. Life: I’m grateful for the life I have. I could have been born anywhere, at anytime, to anyone, and in most fortunate to have been born at this exact moment in time and space. Each day is beautiful, new, and filled with possibilities to connect and change the world.
  2. Parents: Not sure how it happened, but two opposite worlds collided and brought me to life. A contrast between Caucasian and Hispanic, Mexico/Spain & Michigan, Middle Class and Poor, white and blue collar, English and Spanish. A melding of two 🌎.
  3. Relationships: whether professional or personal, good or bad…

by Cancergeek

Is all this focus on the self the real problem?

We live in a world focused on self-help, self-care, self-love, & so many people claiming to be self-made.

Yet there’s an increase in mental-health, burnout, and so many with imposter syndrome and even self loathing.

Perhaps we need to turn all of this focus of self into focus on looking up, connecting, and giving of ourselves to others around us.

Going back to the thing that differentiates us from all else, being human.

Maybe less selfishnesss will increase all of our happiness.

Knowing that we did something that brought happiness, joy, laughter, a smile, friendship, a memory, and trust is perhaps what brings us the most happiness.

Happiness, like all things, happens at the Nof1.

As always, you can find me @cancergeek on Twitter, Instagram or gmail.


by Cancergeek

Poor Practice

Over the past few weeks, I have observed people using various platforms to purposefully belittle others.

I feel bad. I feel bad for those who have been targeted. Some of them have amazing backgrounds. Lawyers, physicians, social workers, teachers, and officers. People who have given and sacrificed to try and make the world a little better. Better for the next person that may have to encounter a similar interaction within medicine, a diagnosis, or treatment.

I feel sorry for the people that took the time to belittle this group. Those that took a quick look, a…

by Cancergeek

Cartoon courtesy of FunkyJunk.com

I receive multiple comments a week from people about the page on my site called “street cred.”

I am usually asked why I call it that and not a CV, Resume, or About page.

My answer is simple.

A majority of the time people want to know if they can trust you.

If you have done anything like this before. If other organizations, companies, professional societies have worked with you, and if so, can they get a recommendation that they were satisfied.

No one wants to be the first. No one wants to look like a fool. No…


Sr Marketing Dir N./S. America; BoD Precision Medicine China; Healthcare ruckusmaker; #radiology #radonc Observe #GFHC at #Nof1 https://youtu.be/PfM3hLyfHf8

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