An Apple A Day Connects Doctors My Way?

by Cancergeek

Remember the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

I think it is time we update the saying and make it a bit more modern and applicable.

An apple (or droid) a day connects the doctor in meaningful ways.

That is the beauty in smartphones, the internet, social media, and the connection economy. Anyone, anywhere in the world, with access to a phone and data has the ability to connect to anyone else.

In regions like India people (as patients) are responsible for the management of their health data (information). Data management is not owned nor is it the responsibility of a hospital to collect and store for patients.

It is the patients responsibility.

Think of our ability to ensure our clinicians have the most up to date information, images, pathology, treatment history, and medication listing? Imagine the ease of sharing that information to help guide a decision. The right decision at the right time with all the information in one place.

And it is all in the convenience of our purses and pockets.

Imagine the costs removed from healthcare?

More importantly, patients want to make better decisions that will impact their lives. Patients want a trusted partner. Physicians want to care for people and make the best decision to improve their care.

We don’t want an apple to keep the doctor away.

We want an apple to connect us to the doctor in a meaningful way. A way that improves my care by allowing physicians to care for us with all of the information being collected and connected.

Managed for my life, for all my experiences, by me, and enabling a more meaningful connection between the patient and the physician.

An apple connecting doctors in meaningful ways.

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