Ignore The Banter…Brrr It’s Cold

Opening the door first thing this morning and letting the dog out to go potty I was hit with the cold temperatures of Wisconsin.


It immediately made my eyes open up, my heart start to beat, and woke me up from my sleep walking.

I wanted to go curl up in my flannel sheets, but I just couldn’t fall back to sleep.

I was wide awake. Thoughts began to run through my head. Ideas about new topics, things to write, and what to do for the week coming up since I am on vacation.

It reminded me of clarity.

Clarity is when we have an idea about something specific, and everything seems to fall in place, and we have a laser focus.

Clarity is like waking up in the morning, opening the door, and being hit with the bitter cold of Wisconsin.

It instantly wakes you up. It clears the cob webs. Everything surrounding the idea just seems to make sense. It becomes easy. All focus zero’s in on that specific subject.

I love when clarity hits, it allows me to ignore the banter.