It Takes Too Long

by Cancergeek

Henry Ford quote via The Henry Ford Organization

Recently I shared my vision for how I want technology to be developed with my extended team. I paused and asked for feedback from the other leaders and was told the following,

“It will take too long.”

I was was also told that it is difficult, a lot of work, and will cost a lot of money. I was told that the team would miss their short term deadlines if they took on my long term scope of work.

I paused and responded,

“I am setting a vision, and our work needs to lead towards the vision.”

While I agree that having short term targets is beneficial to measure progress, if those achievements do not lead towards the long term vision, then the work is a waste of time and effort.

I routinely find that this is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare.

We focus on attaining short term goals at the cost of missing the long term strategy.

We lack the discipline to listen, to define the problem, do the work, and have the patience to execute on the long term strategy.

If the work you are doing today doesn’t lead to your long term strategy, then why are you wasting your time?

Healthcare is delivered at the N of 1.

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