Radiologist Burnout

by Cancergeek

Curtesy of Ruth Carlos #JACR Tweet chat

Today’s #JACR tweet chat addressed the topic of physician burnout. (background here)

In today’s world, radiologists are facing multiple challenges on a daily basis.



Referring physicians.

Information Technology

Deep learning, machine learning, and the hope of artificial intelligence.

Value Based Care

A 2018 regulatory and reimbursement imperative for Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) implementation.

Patients. Patients want more face time with physicians.

This list is only a beginning of the multiple pressures that radiologists face today.

Yet, every single time I speak with a radiology administrator or a radiologist they typically begin with productivity.


If you already are facing burnout in a world that expects you to do more with less, why focus on being more productive?

The focus needs to be on, “Why you do the work you do?”

Surgeons, cardiologists, oncologists, nephrologists, and all the other “ologies” can’t do their work without you.

They all need a diagnosis.

That’s the value chain.

If we really want a more “productive healthcare system,” we need to allow radiologists (and pathologists) the time to make a definitive diagnosis.

It will save time and money.

Time and money for patients and other physicians.

Time and money for the $3T healthcare system in the U.S.

It will also save the lives of radiologists at the N of 1.

Therefore allowing radiologists to make a diagnosis at the N of 1.

Healthcare is delivered at the N of 1.

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