There Is No Quick Buck

by Cancergeek

I get emails from Instagram “influencers” and direct marketing, as well as direct messages on Twitter.

The majority of the messages are sent with a promise of “passive” income. 5 steps to gaining more money instantly. Or follow the advice of ‘name your person here’ and find out how to make an additional $2000 a week.

Other times I get a call on how to invest a small portion of money and that they will double, triple, or 10x my investment in months. (yes, healthcare tech does this too)

I get calls from magazines asking me to write something for them in exchange of them helping me gain more ‘influence.’

Guess what?

It is all bullshit.

Anyone, who is anyone, that hasn’t been given a lump sum of cash or stepped into their parents inheritance of wealth or business has never made money easily.

You know why?

Because it takes a lot of fucking hard work.

It takes effort.

It takes grit.

It takes time.

Anyone, who is anyone, that has ammassed anyhting on their own will tell you the same thing….you can make money but it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and sleepless nights.

It means giving up vacations, watches, a new pair of Beats, drinks on the weekend with friends, the next big social event, and even time with family.

It means having the stamina and fortitude of getting up each and every morning with the intent of getting dirty, getting grimy, and having the grit to push forward when everyone else wants to quit.

It means hustling morning, noon, and night; Hustling on weekdays and weekends. Always hustling.

The most important thing to realize is that if you do anything for a quick buck, then its probably not worth it.

The end product is probably crap. It definitely is not your best work.

I will never sign my name to anything that is quick, or about making a buck.

My name means more than that.

I hustle to create models that deliver care at the N of 1.

Because the N of 1 is all the matters.


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