How can you choose the hospital for Blood Cancer Treatment?

The human body is made out of blood, flesh, bones, tissues, organs and cells. While all these different elements are equally important, it is the blood that connects each and every one of them and helps them perform most efficiently.

What happens when the blood itself is plagued?

This is when serious diseases like blood cancers find themselves building in the human body. Blood cancer, also referred to as leukemia is basically a group of different blood related diseases. All of these diseases work towards impeding the efficient functions of the blood cells and works at deteriorating them, until the point it is no more effective. Blood cancer can be primarily classified into two distinct groups-

· Acute Leukaemia, and

· Chronic Leukaemia

Some of the best ways to track these diseases is by sampling blood and urine from a potentially affected person, in order to trace tumour markers.

Blood Cancer facts:

Blood Cancer today is a more common scenario than it was a decade ago.

· Today almost every hour there are two people in the country who are diagnosed with blood cancer.

· Three different types of blood cancer have been noticed. They are Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. Leukaemia is predominantly found in the blood cells and in the bone marrow of human beings. The second variety, i.e. the Lymphoma is noticed to affect the lymphatic system adversely and finally the Myeloma is geared to destroy the plasma cells.

· There are a number of cancers that are common to the world, and leukaemia stands on the 10th most frequently occurring cancers.

These are some of the most common facts about blood cancer that people need to enlighten themselves with.

Blood Cancer Reason in India:

Instances of blood cancer are readily increasing in India today and are likely to be traced both in adults as well as in kids. There are multiple causes that might lead to the homage of blood cancer in a human body. These causes include-

· One of the major causes that lead to the formation of cancer cells in our body or in the blood can be a result of the weakened immune system. This can be a result of high doses of different medicines or radiations. This can also be the result of different diseases that have weakened the immune system considerably.

· Another potent cause that might lead to the formation of cancer in blood is the exposure to a specific chemical, known as benzene. This chemical is commonly found in solvents worked with in plastic or rubber industry and also in petrol.

· Other genetic disorders, including Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome, Fanconi Anemia and Down syndrome may also cause blood cancer.

Blood Cancer Treatment option:

Thanks to the increasing consciousness amongst medical experts and the all over advancement in medical technology, a number of progressive blood cancer treatments are seen. Some of the most effective blood cancer treatments approached in the country today, are-

· Radio Immuno Therapy

· Medications for growth factors

· Palliative Care

· Biological Therapy, and

· Physical and Emotional Support

Treatment Facility:

With the evolvement of treatment processes, treatment facilities are also evolving rapidly. There is an increasing number of hospitals in the country that are opening cancer wings and wards in their hospitals and staffing them with experienced and trained professionals, teamed with special therapy equipment. There are also new hospitals and nursing homes that specialize in treatment of blood cancer alone. Approaching these treatment facilities will help you treat you or your family member with blood cancer in a more full proof way.