On Getting What You Want

Feels so good getting what I want.

I used to live across the street from this adorable pug, or so I had been told. Cute, fawn, and fat I couldn’t wait to run into him. Every day I’d walk the dogs every 2–3 hours in hopes of catching a fated run-in with this beautiful creature I had heard about. It happened once and I was in a fast moving vehicle. I never saw him again.

We weren’t a match.

In some ways, real life is like Bumble or Tinder or the ‘exclusive’ (and I use that term loosely), The League, the algorithm wouldn’t match us up for whatever reason. Obviously, that beautiful four-legged, fawn puggy wouldn’t swipe left on me! He doesn’t have thumbs!

Sometimes, the algorithm of life just doesn’t match you up with who you think you should be with. Do you know why? Because you aren’t a vibrational match.

In the same way dating apps pair you with people who are like minded and frequent the same places as you, so does the ever, all knowing universe. But here’s the thing, you could literally live across the street from the person you are so hopelessly in love with and never fucking see them. Ever. Why? Because you’re not a vibrational match. For whatever reason. Emotionally, professionally, physically. Who cares? The point is, the person that really exists, isn’t the fucking person for you. Whoever you’re in love with in your head, is not that same person that you’ve assigned a face and body to.

It’s so easy to really fall in love with something in your head that just does not exist as that person you think it should.

Let me be clear: that person in your head DOES exist, in the same way that pug existed. How do I know this? Well, Sky had seen him a dozen times! Kim had seen him several times as well! Someone has seen that hot man you’re dreaming of. In all honesty, he probably looks better and he probably has a nicer dick.


He just doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, ya know?


When you think things like, “He’s not calling me” or “Why isn’t he texting me?” followed by a bit of a crying fit, you’re telling the Universe, “Hey! This thing I hate? Yeah, more of it, please!” The things you give your attention, are the things that you will keep attracting in your life. That phrase, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’, well it’s not just a metaphor. So long as you’re focused on what he’s NOT doing or what’s NOT happening in your life, well, that’s what’s going to keep happening.

Becoming a Match

Well, it’s not as hard as it sounds…

I didn’t want to stop going out, but I knew I couldn’t keep frequenting the Paddock and expecting to find someone who was of quality. I didn’t want to stop drinking, but I knew that drinking anything and everything anyone fed me wasn’t making me feel good or do good things or look good for that matter. I didn’t want to give up having a man in my life, but I knew entertaining texts from my ex was not going to allow someone new and special to enter into my life.

So stop frequenting those shit hole bars, stop reading those shit websites, and stop feeding into those shit thoughts. The next time you feel yourself falling down that rabbit hole, stop and ask yourself why you feel like you need to go down this old road again? Nostalgia is a lame excuse and a dirty liar.

So how did I do it? Well, after after thousands of dollars spent on booze and drugs, 4 therapists, 2 group therapists, and a mass of credit card debt I realized that life didn’t have to be so sad if I stopped doing things that made me feel like shit.

I decided I only ever wanted to drink Tito’s vodka, Prosecco, and on occasion a nice IPA. And I was done fucking pretending I liked rosè!!!!!! DONE! I knew what I liked and I knew what made me feel good. I wanted to do more things that made me feel good. I wanted to be in a place where everything I did made me feel good, so that everything and everyone that came into my life matched that.

It’s a Match

All you can do and all you should do is focus on raising your vibration to match the person you want to be so you can be the person that you want to attract. Raise your vibration to match the situation you want to happen. If you wouldn’t want to be around you, why would anyone else want to be around you? As cliche as it may be, change really does start with you.

Live a life and become that person you would swipe right on.