We met at the bar. With one look the fires were ignited…he looked at me and me at him. The connection the feel was real. But she knew she couldn’t cross that line. But why…she asked herself. Why couldn’t she let herself be free withthis man. She knew nothing would come of it relationship wise…and she was ok with that. But one thing was for sure she knew that one touch from him would send her to a place she had never been…and OHHH didn’t she want to experience the passion she knew this man they called “Tony” could give. She sat next to him and ordered a glass of Merlot. She thought she would keep it sexy…because after all if she did give in to this burning desire she wanted to enjoy it thoroughly. He stared at her in a way that made her insides quiver. In a way that every woman desires a man to look at her. In a way that made her want to get lost in his world if only for one night.
The bartender broke the silence by asking if I would like to order something. I giggled because I felt like I had been caught…like the bartender knew everything that was going on in my head. I told him yes if he could give me a minute. I took a deep breath and w/o looking at him asked him how his day was. He filled me in withhis eyes never leaving me. Although I was not looking at him I could feel his eyes piercing my face and running up and down my body from the crown of my head to the sows of my feet like he was making his claim. The small talk continued on until the bartender returned. I decided to try something different…I ordered fried oysters. All l had in my head was APHRODISIAC and this man definitely was one. I took a deep breath and turned toward him…his look his stare just made me putty in his hands. He could literally take me and mode me into anything his heart desired.
He said “I know you feel it…I know you do. Let’s stop playing…we are grown. Let’s go upstairs.” I told him we couldn’t…that I felt it…that it was definitely mutual…but I just didn’t know if I was ready. We live in Ohio and we wait until Charlotte for our paths to cross? I don’t know…maybe if you weren’t going back…I mean if I could leave you here…as a random. But you’re not…you’re going back. I don’t…know I can’t. Let’s eat have a few drinks and see how things go. I know I am talking in circles but…Is that okay? He looked at me and turned his head and took a sip of his seduction. When he looked back up he pulled me in with a force that would bring any woman to her knees. He kissed me withso much passion and desire that even when it was over I just kind of sat there froze unable to move.
The bartender returned withmy order and startled me. I asked him…Tony…why he did that. “It just felt right” he said. I asked him if he wanted some oysters…and he said “what I want cannot be served on that plate.” He whispered in my ear to let him have his way. That I would not be disappointed. That I would feel pleasure beyond measure. That he would wine and dine me afterwards. That it would not be a one-night thing. That it would be a start of something special. He told me…that he knows I want something real. He said, “I know you want a relationship and everything that comes withit. I want you too…but I have so much going on right now that I feel like a mad man Bi-Polar at times…and I don’t want to bring you into that until I know that I can give you truly what you need and want. You pricked my interest too…I just had to back down because I didn’t want to hurt you. But this right here…this moment…this energy…this fire…this is speaking louder than anything I could ever say. So let’s…lets go.”
He got the bill…He took my hand and guided me toward the elevator. He stopped and said “wait here.” He went over to the desk and talked withthe receptionist. Aaliyahe back took my hand and said “shall we.” I only nodded because at that point words were pointless…I was gone. We got up to the 7th floor and the door opened to a room…I stood there confused unsure because I had never seen anything like this…of course except for the movies. He said, “it’s ok…follow me.” The room smelled like vanilla and lavender. It was warm and inviting. Candles were lit and the lights were dim…like he knew he would get me here. It’s like he could read my mind…He said, “yes…I wanted you here. I felt this before you even arrived. I knew or I should say I prayed that you would come to me. Aaliyah look…I’m a complicated man. I’m being pulled in many different directions and I need a woman who can handle that. I have a strong sex drive and I believe that a woman’s body is the most interesting and wonderful thing God has ever created. I’ve told you this!! I want to explore your body. I want to take us to a level that that cannot be traced or duplicated. I can’t give you the relationship you want right now. But I can promise you that this here is not a one-time only deal. because in order for me to really fulfill this…it will take time. So yes I prepared…but I wanted it to be special. I don’t want you to look at me as just another guy you give yourself too…but as the man who will make you feel things and ways you can’t even imagine.” He turned and looked at me and said “is that ok?” I just nodded.
The door opened and a tray of strawberries, whip cream, chocolate, caramel, tea, and honey were in the elevator. I looked at him stunned “tea…honey?” He said “yes…I remember the story.” I chuckled. Walked over to the bathroom and said “may I?” When I Aaliyahe out…all I had on was my red bra and panty set…he pointed to his head “take it off.” I slowly slid my wig off and sat it on the dresser…he smiled. “You are beautiful…incredible. I will admit I didn’t’ know how I would feel about you being bald…but I would have it know other way. I feel like I see you on an even deeper level. Like I am seeing all of you. You are beautiful. Curves in all the right places…turn.” I did a slight pivot and he stopped me. He undid my bra and let it drop. He kissed my neck…and then ran his tongue down my spine. I quivered as he took both of his massive hands and grasped my yams. I could feel him growing behind me. I rested my head back against him as he kissed my shoulders and gently squeezed and grasped my yams. He let them rest as he took his hands and ran them down my arms to my hips. He slid my panties down and let them drop. With my back still facing him he took off his boxers and let me feel his firm erection on my back. He placed his hand next to my nanny and moaned that he could feel the energy and warmth w/o even touching her. He kissed down my back to my deriour and then cupped it. He dropped to his knees opened my legs and laid on his back with his head directly under my nanny. He told me to “Drop.” He slid his tongue back and forth…Climax 1.

“Hey D I’m 15mins away. I am going to stop at this Starbucks do you want anything,” she said. “Really…you and really are an addict,” he said. She only smiled and pulled into her happy place. she ordered her usual drink and a lemon pound cake. She didn’t know where D was taking her but she didn’t want to be too hungry…. I mean she had been driving for seven hours. For whatever reason this trek really took its toll on her and all she wanted to do was get in the bed and sleep for seven hours. But…she had no time for that and had to hit the ground running. She decided to go ahead and pull into a spot and go into the store. She wanted to use the restroom and make sure everything was on point. Last night’s call came withlast minute changes, and instead of him meeting her at the crib, she was going straight to his place. This seems to be a pattern for her…I guess she has gotten brave in her old age. She touched up her lips and made sure her hair was on point, blew herself a kiss, and said, you got this.

See, this wasn’t just any dude, this was D…though they had never met (in person) she felt she knew him pretty well and had a good understanding of who he was and what he was about. She felt the magic that she felt through social media and their brief chats would ignite once they were face to face. She felt that this could be her one…the one that makes her realize why it didn’t work withanyone else. So of course she wanted to make sure she was just right. She had dreamed about this moment for what had seemed like forever. It had been a year since they first met/chatted online. She thought she would’ve been in Charlotte by now. But she understood that she was not ready. And there were things she needed to get in place.

She got back on the road and turned on her work-out list so she could get pumped. She was nervous as all get out. She did a quick mirror check and called him to let him know she was there.

She counted to ten and got out of the car. She closed the door and heard a “Damn.” She turned around and there he was…D. She smiled and said Heeeyyy. “What’s wrong.” She asked? “You…you are beautiful…I mean don’t get me wrong…you look like your pics and I know we have video chatted but…wow. Yeah…I definitely don’t want you spending time withanyone else…I want you to myself.” She giggled and said “Ddddddd…here we are can you believe it? I never thought we would meet. Feelings mutual…you are handsome. But I knew that,” chuckling to herself. He reached out and gave her a hug…omg he smelled so good. She almost got a little weak kneed but quickly pulled herself together. He asked her if she needed to take anything in or needed to use the little ladies room. She smiled and replied no that she had gone at the Bucks. He said, “ok…let me grab my keys really quick and we can be on our way. Man…humph…you are a sight. I’m one lucky man.”

He opened the door for her and made sure she got in. Of course being who she was…she looked around the car and noticed it was spotless…and smelled really good. He got in and asked her what she wanted to listen too. “I’m open…no rap, no country…we should be fine. What you got” she said? He turned on the radio and started some small talk. Told me that it had been a long week. That Aaliyah was withhis family and that I could meet her if I was interested. He stopped, “wow…I can’t believe I just said that. I don’t ever let ladies meet her unless we’ve gotten to a certain point. I guess you are throwing things all off course. Ms. Ohio.” She giggled…if he only knew. In her head this was her last first date…the start of the rest of her life. Of course she would meet Aaliyah…I mean this was her future daughter. She was getting her perfect world. She would have her daughter and son…and she would have her chocolate latte served up as a NUPE…Mr. Kappa. They talked and laughed and everything just flowed. It was definitely like they were old friends from a previous life who bumped into each other and decided to rekindle an old flame. They talked about the journeys that they had encountered and where they were in their lives. He couldn’t believe that he was so open to her…that he was really thinking of adding a long distance relationship to his already packed life. But in that moment his feelings had already taken control and he added it to his list of goals…he was ready for the challenge.

As they finished their lunch they talked about the museum they just visited. She yawned “I think I better take a nap before embarking on our next ventures.” He told her that she was welcome to nap at his place. She accepted.

When she woke he was lying there staring at her. “How long have I been out? Have you been sitting there the whole time? Why are you looking at me like that? Is everything okay…D…talk to me,” she said. He moved in and pulled her close…looked in her eyes and kissed her softly and with a calming that let her know everything was ok. He said, “I was just enjoying your beauty. You are right you don’t drool...laughing. I haven’t been staring long. I just came in and was getting ready to wake you when I was drawn to your slumber. Are you ready to go? We have dinner reservations and I think we should get on the road before the traffic gets too heavy.” She was surprised because she thought she would be able to shower and change before their outing…but he was keeping her on a tight schedule.

As they drove to dinner they talked about the activities of the day and how they felt things were going. They agreed that the spark was there and that the feelings were definitely mutual. As they pulled into the parking spot he told her that he would like to kiss her again. She looked at him and smiled. He reached over and kissed her again…this time with a yearning that spoke to her. In that kiss he told her how he felt and that if she would allow him…he would show and give her the world.

As she sat there with her knees on the ground and this man giving her sweet aussie kisses unlike anything she had ever felt she knew she was going to explode. The longer she tried to hold on the harder it became. Tears began to roll down her face and her body gave out. She fell forward…Climax 2. He wasn’t done…he flipped her over and buried his face. She squirmed and wiggled, she yelled his name, and she begged him to stop. She clawed at his head, but he continued as though his life depended on it…she screamed and bucked…Climax 3. She was breathing heavily because she knew if this was taking her by force that she could only imagine what it would be like to have him inside her. And as she thought of that she began to yearn for it. He looked up and smiled at her. He gazed into her eyes and said nothing at all but at that same time he said everything. He kissed her inner thigh and she wiggled and squirmed like a little girl. He got up and pushed the cart over to where they were. He came back down to the floor with the caramel…he drizzled it up her stomach to her yammies and then reached for the chocolate. He took that, drizzled it down her legs, and reached for the whip cream. He placed a dollop on her nanny and growled the cute little growl that he did. He blew the caramel and then began to lick it until it was gone…she was experiencing an out of body experience. Something she had only read about or seen in movies. At that moment she began to feel like the girl in 50 shades of grey…She was his love slave. At that moment so many things began to run through her mind. And he kept blowing, licking, and tickling…she didn’t think it could happen again but she felt the rise and then it happened…Climax 4.
She laid there a sticky horny heavy breathing mess. He got up and went into the bathroom…turned on the shower and in what seemed like an eternity returned and reached for her hand. She got up and he led her into the shower. She stood under the water as it fell on her face…thanking God that she had wiped her makeup clean before she came out so that the moment would not be ruined my running mascara. She stood there with her eyes closed in complete awe at what had been going on for what seemed like hours.
He began to recite one of his poems to her as he lathered up the poof. He began to clean her as he spoke those soft sensual words. When he got close to her face she decided to take matters into her own hands. She took her hands cuffed his face and drew him near. She began kissing and licking his lips. She whispered, “what do you want?” She continued to kiss him. Dropped her right hand and began to stroke back and forth…back and forth…back and forth...until she heard the noise she was waiting for. When she knew she was in control she dropped to her knees and slowly began to take him in…inch by inch. She knew that a man of this size would take time if at all to take in. She knew that it wouldn’t be tonight…but that tonight she would try to give him the pleasure that he had given her. As she took him in and out the water began to grow cold. So she decided to speed things up. She cupped his testicles and kissed and nibbled on the skin that hung she felt him buckle and knew she was about to do something she had never done. She took each testicle one at a time in her mouth as she stroked his erection she blew on the tip and slowly took him back in. she began sucking and stroking and grabbing and tickling and flicking until she knew he was getting ready to blow…She decided to not do as usual but decided to let him blow right where he was and when he did…my God…she never could have prepared herself. She stood up and kissed him with great intensity…he tried to take control again by pushing her against the wall but…she wouldn’t allow that to happen. She took his hand guided him out the shower dried him from head to toe and sat him on the bed. She straddled him…only to tease him…because she knew it wasn’t time for that. He moaned and groaned and growled begging her to let him in. She got up and took the oil and rubbed it on his shoulders, chest, and thighs. She went to the cart and got the tea and honey. She covered his erection in honey…stood back and watched as it dripped… as though he had climaxed again. She took a big gulp of tea in her mouth and then took him in…he buckled almost making her choke…but she was able to stabilize…she took him in and out…in and out…in and out. He growled stronger, longer, and louder. She wanted him to yearn for her as she did him. She increased her speed opened her mouth and then blew…Climax 2.

Dinner was great. Conversation was great. She was in heaven and so was he. They talked about so much they almost forgot they had somewhere else to be. He got the check and she excused herself for the lady’s room. She looked in the mirror as she washed her hands in disbelief of what was happening. She was falling in love on the first date. She got her composure and sashayed back to the table. He got her coat and helped her in it and then followed her to the car. On their way he told her that in two weeks he would come to Ohio…that his thoughts were that they could see each other at least twice a month. But that before she left he would have a clear understanding of what she wanted to do. because not only would she continue her job search…but he would join the search. He ensured her they would be a team…Team Slagle to be exact.

She sat there smiling b/c the man she envisioned was proving to be that and so much more. They arrived at their destination. Before he shut her door he pinned her against the car and began kissing her. She was caught off guard. She was nervous. But she loved the way he kissed her withso much passion…not caring who was around…Focusing on only her. When he stepped back he looked into her eyes and kissed her ever so lightly on the forehead, “shall we?” He took her hand and they walked up the narrow stairs to the sounds of the band rocking. He paid the lady and followed her to their table. He asked her what her drink of choice was and then headed to the bar. She quickly pulled out her phone to text her friend of the utter amazement that had been going on. When she glanced at the bar he was looking back at her with a shy type of smile. She quickly turned her head and continued to text.

D returned to the table and moved his chair close to her. He put his arm around her and pulled her in closer. He wanted the world to know she was his and he was hers. The band began to play a song that they both recognized and he began to sing it in her ear. LAWD this man definitely had the moves. He couldn’t sing worth anything…but she didn’t care…she was enjoying every bit of him. The band opened the floor and he took her hand and guided her to the floor. He wrapped her arms around his neck and began to move slowly pulling her closer and closer. The magic…the spark…the feeling…was so strong. It was like they were the only ones in the room. The band stopped and they returned to their table. The first poet got up and spoke on Love. One after the other topics sprung in Love, sex, friendship, marriage, back to love. Snaps filled the air…it was getting thick. Time slowly trickled away but…but it was the type you didn’t want to end. And for a moment she forgot why she had come to Charlotte.
Then something happened. The MC announced that someone would be gracing the stage that hadn’t in a long time. Said that he had a special lady with him…and he wanted to let her know how he felt in a way that would blow her mind. Then he called D up…my mouth dropped. I looked up at him and he kissed my forehead and winked. When he hit the stage, he started off by giving a little background to our situation and then began his piece. I couldn’t believe it…this man was magic. He was what her sis would call FIYAH.

She fell back to the floor closed her eyes and smiled. Heavily breathing he said, “you asked me what I want?” Before she could say anything, he was leaning over her. Still breathing heavily, he lifted her from the floor and laid her on the bed. She closed her eyes…because she didn’t know how else to prepare herself for what was about to go down. He stood back and just looked at her. He went to the drawer and slid on a condom. He came back to her still breathing heavily and began to growl. He slowly began to kiss up her legs and when he got to her sweetness he kissed around her…making her yearn for him. He blew and lightly ran his fingers across each lip making her squirm. He stood up grabbed her hand and turned her around pointing her ass toward the sky. Before she could even adjust herself, he entered her with a force that caused her to lose her balance…He growled and used his massive hands to adjust her just right. She screamed and clawed because she had never felt anything like this before. In that moment, she thought of Lauren Hill “When it hurts so bad…how’s it feel so good.” He was so large…but he felt so good. He pulled out and back in with such force that she began to wonder if she upset him…he was growling and she was getting scared. Before her scream reached her lips, he flipped her around and entered her again. This time it was gentle…like he became a total different person. Like he knew what she was feeling. Tears running down her face she could only groan and close her eyes. He pulled in and out…in and out…in and out…leaving her wanting more each time he pulled out. He began to kiss her yammies...almost placing them all in his mouth. She was so messed up all she could do is lay there and squirm. This man…this this this man had turned her into his love slave. At that moment, she knew she had no control. That she would give him whatever he asked if that meant that each time she gave herself to him…he would in return make her feel this good. At that point she didn’t want a relationship from him. She just wanted his erection.

All you could hear were finger snaps and thunderous applause. D had set that stage on fiyah. I stood up smiling ear to ear…because of all the ladies in that place I was the one who he chose. He came and stood in front of me smiling…moved in closer and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him and we gave the crowd what they wanted. When we finished he looked at me and said, “I know this is our first official date…but I am in love. I promise to be the man of your dreams. I look forward to watching Aaliyah and Matthew grow up with us as one. I promise when we are old I won’t snore too loud. I promise to love you for the rest of our lives.” Tears began to flow and I leaned in whispered in his ear, “I love you and I do.”

I woke up the next morning to D sitting on the side of the bed looking at me smiling. I looked up and said, “Is this really real? I didn’t dream it? Last night was magical. We cuddled all night laughing and talking about life. You are incredible Damion; I am so happy God has placed you in my life at such a time as this.” He kissed my forehead and smiled, “I made you some breakfast sleepyhead.” I got up washed my face and brushed my teeth and went into the kitchen. This man didn’t just fix breakfast he fixed a spread. I mean anything you could ever think about and all I could do was smile. I said, “babe are we having company? There is so much food.” He smiled and gave me a plate. I stood up and went over to him and said I love you D. He turned around and said I love you too Mrs. Slagle. She smiled and said, “I like how that sounds...Mrs. Slagle. Has a good ring to it?” She turned around and grabbed her some food and sat back at the breakfast nook. They laughed and talked some more and before she knew it, it was time for her to get ready for her interview.

As she began to get up to clear her dishes he grabbed her and swung her around to him, “I love you. I speak nothing but positive energy into our life together. I can’t promise you that every day will be sunny…but I can promise you that I will do my best to make sure there are sunnier and less gloomy days. You have made me the happiest Nupe this side of the sun. Never lie to me and always remember we are a team.” Then he kissed me. I stepped back and said, “you going to make me late. How am I supposed to focus when you keep saying these things to me? Oh D…” She placed her dishes in the sink and ran to the bathroom.

She had climaxed in a way she never had before…she shivered and it was like they came back to back. She couldn’t control herself. She was having another out of body experience. This man had messed her up…and she didn’t know how she was going to or even if she could bounce back. She knew there was no use at trying to stand up so she just laid there in a zone. He laid beside her with his breath matching hers, “You know we have opened Pandora’s box right?” She just sighed, “What we have done…Jesus…Lawd…what we have done. It’s…it’s…it’s unexplainable. You are incredible Tony. Simply incredible...and if you promise me dick like that I will give you whatever you want…because that was amazing.” He looked at her, “I want you. It’s simple. I want you.”

The next morning, she woke up turned over and found a note on the pillow. It read, “Good morning sunshine, I got up before you and decided to go for a little jog. I have breakfast on the cart for you and will get your Starbucks on my way back. Enjoy – Diesel.” She rolled over still a little shaken from last night’s adventures. She went to stand but her legs still weren’t strong enough. She got on the floor and crawled over to the cart. She ate some breakfast and headed to the bathroom. She took a warm bath and put her earbuds in. Before she knew it she was in “la la land” dreaming of last night.

She was startled by a cold hand to her bald head. She looked up and it was Tony, “Hey…looks like you were in deep thought. I hope it was good? I put your drink on the counter. You want company?” She giggled, “no I have to get ready and go.” She got out and quickly dressed. She grabbed her drink said thank you and kissed him on the forehead. Before the elevator door shut he told her he wanted to see her again.

And just like that she was gone…he was gone. She got in her car and sat there for a minute…did this really happen. Did she really just get turned out by a man who she secretly thought was bipolar. She was quickly jolted back to reality by the blaring of horns. She drove off and headed back to her girlfriend’s house. When she got there…she knew she had to keep this to herself because I mean did she really want to tell her friends of her ratchet behavior. I mean she was a good girl…right? She knew the only way she could and would keep her mouth shut was to open her journal. So before she got out the car she gave an ear full to that electronic device.

He Aaliyahe in behind her and watched her as she started to get ready. She giggled, “are you just going to stand there?” she bumped him with her butt and asked him if he was going into the office. He said he called in and wanted to spend the day withher. Said he had to spend as much time withher as possible since he knew she would be leaving tomorrow. She continued getting dressed and went over her resume withhim. She even did a little role play for the interview. When she knew she was set, she grabbed her keys and headed out the door. Little did she know D had her afternoon planned. He Aaliyahe out the door and asked her what time she would be back. She turned around…giggled and said, “shortly.” He went back in and hopped in the shower.
She aced her interview. But she knew she had felt this way before she just prayed and said your will be done. Of course she had to stop at the Bucks before returning to D so she called to see if he wanted something. When she pulled up to the house he was loading his car. “Where you going,” she said anxiously? We are going for a little picnic. She looked at him and smiled. As they walked back in the house she told him how she aced her interview and that of course God was the final decision maker. She changed and they headed out. As they drove she began to think about her life in the past year up to that point. She wondered how things would be this time next year. Before she could get any deeper she beAaliyahe paralyzed…just like that her life changed right before her eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity she finally made it home. She opened the door and was greeted withthe best sound in the world, “Mommy.” Matthew greeted her withopen arms. She never thought she would utter these words…but she was happy to be home. She took her bags in the room and crashed on the bed. No sooner Matthew Aaliyahe and jumped on the bed, “mommy, mommy, mommy look.” She looked up only to see her silly little poodle making silly little faces. She talked withhim and asked him had he been a good little boy for gami. As they began to sing the wheels on the bus her phone went off. w/o looking she knew who it was because he had a tone.
Tony…” I want to see you. I know it has been a few days since our encounter…but I am craving you. Please…tell me what I need to do to get you here?” She put the phone down and smiled. She continued to play withMatthew because she knew there was no way she could see him anytime soon. He was in a different state and she had to work and be there for her son. Or was he…had he come back to Ohio? She continued to play withher son until he ran on to his next venture. She messaged back, “where are you.” Cincinnati.
“What are you trying to do,” she asked kind of scarred of the answer she was going to get. “Just come,” is all he said. She couldn’t help but get the itch…this is when she wished she lived alone. Then…she could’ve told him to be there by 10pm. If she went there she would have to drive and ask her mom to watch Matthew. Wasn’t worth it…she didn’t have that kind of time right now. So she decided to lay there and think about what happened in Charlotte.
She woke up to heavy breathing. Her arms were above her head tied to the bed posts. She was sweating and her legs were wide open tied to each pole. She looked down and Tony was giving her Aussie kisses and growling. She couldn’t believe what was happening. When did she get here, how did she? Where was she…it didn’t look like his bedroom. All she knew is this man was pure magic. He was kissing like his life depended on it. He was growling and moaning as though he yearned for her…like in this moment if he didn’t perform at his best he would never get another chance. “Are you enjoying it. How do you like it? Does it feel ok? Is there something else you want me to do? Do you want me to touch you here or do you like it there? Damn it baby talk to me. I need you…I need this. You’ve got me fucked…Damn” he said panting. “I’m here. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. You…you…you are great at what you do. I don’t need to give you any instruction. You seem to know your way around my body just fine. What can I do for you?” she said slightly scared of the answer. He growled and continued to kiss, lick, suck, tickle, and nibble. She made a lawd screeching noise and lost control. Her body started to shiver and quiver and her legs started to shake her eyes rolled back and she Climaxed 1…2…3…4 the last explosive. He stood up and she was just lying there…motionless eyes closed. What had happened. He knew he was good at what he did…but he had never seen this. He called her name…no response. He began to panic. He had broken his rule and let her come to his house. And this happened? What was he going to do? How could he explain to the paramedic…”I was giving her aussie kisses and she blacked out.” He would look at me like nigga please…put your hands behind your back. He walked the room and fell on his knees and began to pray. Just like that she yelled his name. He got up and ran over to her…” are you ok?” She looked at him, “what are you trying to do to me. I have never…I mean ever. I know I am not that experienced in all…but you do realize I have to drive back home. Tony. You are a master. You…you…you are definitely not one to play w/. Do you realize that I blacked out from your damn aussie kisses? I’ve got to go.”
 She got up and sat on the edge of the bed, “Shit I’m fucked up, where in the hell am I going to go. I can’t even stand up. Why you playing? I have to get home.” He looked at her...saw she was panicking and started to rub her neck. He saw that she liked that so he started in on her shoulders. She began to moan…he knew he had her. She wasn’t going anywhere. At least not now. He started to kiss her shoulders and then licked down her spine, “I’m not done. I told you I wanted you. You Aaliyahe…so you are not leaving until I’m done.” She nodded and rested her head back on his chest. He took those massive hands and cupped her yams. She began to moan and hum louder and sexier. He was aroused. He turned her around and spread her legs and grabbed a condom. This time when he entered her he was much gentler like he wanted to feel each and every curve. He wanted to make sure that he treasured that moment. He stroked and stroked never taking his eyes from hers. They locked eyes in a way that two lovers do. But she knew deep down that this was no love thing. It was simply good sex. To save herself she closed her eyes and began to moan. She started singing his name and telling him how good he felt. She bucked and...Climax 5.
This time she wasn’t alone…he climaxed withher. They laid there breathing heavily, “Thank you for taking your time. I know you felt the connection. You are magical. But I have to rest. I have to be at work in less than 6hours. Let me rest.” He knew he didn’t have a choice…after all he didn’t want to mess things up withher. She was special. She wasn’t like any other lady he had been w/. And there was a hefty list. He wanted this to last, so he did what was requested and let her rest. She laid her head on his chest and wrapped one leg around him. She said, “I know you’re not my man…but please just for these few hours let me be your woman.” The way those words flowed out her mouth was an instant turn on for him. He looked down at her and kissed her forehead. He began lightly rubbing his finger down her spine. From the way she was positioned he could feel her getting wetter withevery touch. Next thing you knew she was grabbing his erection and stroking back and forth. He continued to run his fingers down her back and tickle her buns. It was getting steamy in there; she knew she wasn’t getting any rest…it was going to be a long night.
She felt him growing harder and stronger. She began squirming and decided she couldn’t hold back any longer. She slowly took him in and began giving him aussie kisses. She positioned herself in a way that she could really focus. She knew that tonight was different from the first. Tonight, she wanted to learn his body too. Each time she pulled him out of her mouth she would focus on the veins surrounding his erection. As she circled the head with her tongue she focused on the way he pulsed. She wanted 2 know what got his attention what made him yearn. She tickled his testicles and nibbled at his skin. She wanted 2 see if she could make him cum the way he had made her. She took each ball one at a time in her mouth making each one feel as though it were swimming in a pool of warm water. She took that flap of skin and sucked, twirled, kissed and blew until she felt the nerve kicking in. She knew that at any moment he would climax. But she didn’t want just any climax she wanted “the” climax. So, she stood up looked him in the eyes real hard and real deep. She began 2 tickle him right at the tip where the little opening was. She stuck her finger in her mouth and began 2 tease him. Right when she knew he could not take it anymore she took him in. Suckling like her life depended on it. He bucked. Grabbed her head and yelled her name so loud it scared her. She succeeded…what Aaliyahe out of him could’ve impregnated 20 women.
He looked at her speechless unable 2 move. She looked back at him and smiled. She whispered shyly in his ear check mate. And just like that it was over. Her eyes opened and she realized it was all a dream. She never made it 2 Cincinnati she dreamed the whole thing. One hell of a wet dream…her sheets were soaked. She looked at the clock it was only 10pm. She looked at her phone one message read…you coming. She simply replied address.

She opened her eyes and saw a bright light. She heard people talking but all she could see was the light. She began opening and closing her eyes trying to see what was going on around her. She thought…this is the end. She couldn’t believe it…wouldn’t accept it. She started thinking about Ayo…who would watch him. Would he be protected. This couldn’t be it. As soon as she began to open her mouth to scream…just like that the light was gone. Total blackness. She laid there completely still mouth open but nothing was coming out. Just like that flashes of light Aaliyahe through the darkness and someone asked “ma’am if you can hear me blink.”
She blinked and he said, “we thought we lost you. You’re lucky to be alive. Your friend is ok…he is in stable condition. The both of you are really lucky…someone must’ve been praying for the two of you.” I still couldn’t talk so I just blinked my eyes. They ran some tests and told me I should be able to speak in a couple of days. Said they contacted Drea because she was the last person in my phone.
When I opened my eyes Drea, mom, and mo were sitting there. I blinked and tried to say something but nothing Aaliyahe out. Tears began to run down my mom’s eyes…I guess whatever she saw was bad. She let me know Ayo was ok. She said She checked on D and he was doing okay. The doctor Aaliyahe and told us that I had some serious damage done to my rib cage. That I would need to be in the hospital for a few more weeks but that I should be thankful because I will be able to walk. He told us that Damion was doing okay and was being released.
I drifted back off and when my eyes opened D was standing by myside. I blinked and he cried, “I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened. But apparently, we were hit by some teenager who was texting. You got the blunt of the impact. She died. I love you. I am so sorry.” I just blinked.

As she drove up 75 she thought about her dream and if tonight would be anything like it. She found herself squirming in her seat. Just thinking of him made her want him more. Made her yearn for him. The thought of him looking at her…kissing her…. playing withher clit…sucking her yams…Jesus she almost wrecked her car. This man had a spell on her so deep that if he told her to jump she would. She smiled and began humming. As she pulled into the driveway her heart began to beat. Had she bitten off more than she could chew? Was she really about to surrender to him? She took a deep breath…looked in the mirror and got out the car. As she walked up to the door it opened. It smelled of vanilla and lavender. In his deep sexy voice, “how are you? Glad you arrived safely.” She just looked at him and smiled. Every time she looked at him it was like he could see deep into her soul. I mean she knew he was tall and all…but he was so mesmerizing. She was on her fifty shades shit tonight…she would be his submissive and him her dominant.
He took her hand and led her up the stairs. She thought…sheesh no warming up…straight for the kill. But the way her body was craving him she was okay withthat. He led her into his room that had a dim light and candles lit. He asked her if she liked jazz and all she could do was nod. She stood there as he turned on the music…real low just enough to set the mood. He turned around and just looked at her. He Aaliyahe over to her and walked her over to his bed. He sat down and pulled her over to him. “I’m falling for you. This was not supposed to happen. It was simply supposed to be a hit and run. But you have lasted. You stayed. You have made me crave you in ways that I never thought I could. I can’t start my day w/o hearing from you. I can’t finish my evening w/o knowing how you are. You have become my air. Am I alone in this,” he asked her while never breaking his gaze. She couldn’t speak…it was like the cat truly had her tongue. All she could do was look at him and shake her head.
See…she knew how she felt about him. But she wasn’t ready to give into it. She wasn’t ready to put everything on the table. She knew that what they had was special…but she needed more. She needed to know that he was done withthe games. That he could truly be the man she wanted. She wasn’t going to let him break her. She was determined to stay strong until that time Aaliyahe.
He took her hand and kissed her palm. He stood up and kissed her neck. He whispered in her ear that she should not leave him like this. That she should say something. That she should express her feelings to him. He told her he knew the feeling was mutual. That he knew she wanted him as much as he did her. He told her that it was not just sexual but that he had a longing for her. All the while he was undressing her. And as she stood there completely exposed he led her to the bathroom. He turned around, “tonight is different. Tonight, I want us to connect on a deeper level. So, I will bathe you before our bodies meet.” He kissed her forehead and helped her into the tub. He turned on the jets. She sipped her wine, relaxed her head, and zoned out. He returned with his erection greeting her first. He slipped in behind her and held her. She cozied herself in his arms and just smiled.
He started to hum in her ear and nibble and kiss her lobe…she squirmed a little feeling his erection rub against her. She reached her arm behind her back and began stroking him. He moaned, “no…don’t, I want to clean you first.” She didn’t listen but continued to stroke him feeling him growing firmer and stronger. She wanted him so badly…and she knew this was the only way he would allow it. He took his fingers and entered her. His moans beAaliyahe louder and stronger. She began to squirm almost losing her grip. My God she wanted this man. He stopped, moved her hand, took the sponge and began washing her. When he had finished, he started to get up but she pushed him back down. She took the sponge and washed him. This time she was facing him withher legs wrapped around his waist. She began kissing his lips…one at a time. She ran her tongue across his lower lip and blew. She could feel the heat down there and knew he could too. He stood up withher still wrapped around him and walked into the room. He laid her on the bed and spread her legs. He said I have something for you. He walked away and opened his drawer. He Aaliyahe back and wrapped a tie around her eyes. He went to the closet and pulled out a pole. He attached both sides to her ankles and positioned it so her legs were sprawled across his bed. He began kissing up her leg, “You remember when you told me about this? See…I listen. I know you may think I am a mess. But…I listen to you. I want to please you. I want to open you up to new things. I want to deliver on your deepest fantasies. I want you.”
He began licking and sucking and the way he took her in made it seem as though she was dreaming. He was so gentle, so delicate, yet forceful. She moaned…she groaned…she told him to go deeper. She told him that he felt so incredibly good. She said he was heaven sent. She asked him to never stop. She Aaliyahe 1…2…3x. She didn’t know what to do or how to feel. Her legs were shaking so bad. She felt his tip as he slowly entered her. He began stroking slowly like he was trying to make sure she felt every inch of his erection. When he knew, he had her…he began to go faster…harder. He wanted to become one withher. For their bodies to become one. Like she was his front and he was her back. This man wanted to make magic.
As he started to slow down he began unhooking her ankles. He kissed each one and began tickling her feet. Never missing a beat. He looked at her and could tell she was in her own world and that he could ask her to do anything and he would do so. He began taking each toe into his mouth and kissing down her leg. He asked her, “what do you want? What can I do for you? How does it feel?” She could only smile…she didn’t even open her eyes. He continued stroking now bending over to kiss her. He kissed her with so much passion. She held him as though he were hers. She held him as though to say never leave me. In that moment, she opened her eyes and whispered, “fuck me.” He looked at her grinned and flipped her over he positioned her ass right against him and entered withforce…he began asking whose it was. He began calling her name, and she did the same. He told her that he wanted this. He pulled her back to him and positioned them so that she was against the wall. He held her neck…not to choke her but because he liked it rough. The way he entered her was like he had something to prove. Like he wanted to go deeper than any other man had gone. And believe me he did.
He stopped…turned her around and picked her up. Held her against the wall and wrapped her legs around him. “I can’t stop. I need you. What do you feel. Can you feel me. Fuck. Talk to me. Please tell me what is going on inside your head. Shiiit,” he said groaning and moaning like he was in a fight for his life. He looked at her and could tell something was wrong. He immediately stopped and took her over to the bed. She rolled over to her side and curled up. She loved what had happened but it hurt so bad. She knew he didn’t mean to hurt her. In this moment, she would find out just how deep his feelings flowed for her. He went into the bathroom, turned on the water and let it run warm. He filled up a small bowl and headed her way. He Aaliyahe back to her whispered in her ear for her to trust him. When he turned her around tears were running down her face. He kissed those away. He opened her legs and could see how swollen she was. He told her how sorry he was and that it would never happen again. He told her he didn’t mean to do this and that he prayed she didn’t hate him. He took the rag and began to wipe. She squirmed and moaned. He told her to trust him. As he opened her up he poured warm water and wiped. He felt horrible.

When I got home I was greeted by friends and family. I was still a little shocked so l wasn’t excited. People hugged and loved on me. But I just wanted to see one little person and one handsome chocolate man. Ayo Aaliyahe running through the crowd and I dropped to the floor and just cried. I couldn’t believe how big he had gotten. He looked great. I just held him and cried. D appeared through the crowd and lifted me up. “Hey baby, how you feeling?” he said as he guided me to a chair. “A little overwhelmed but glad to see my babies,” I said smiling. He asked me what I wanted to eat. But I didn’t want anything because being in a hospital for over a month you kind of lose your appetite. I mean I wanted to lose weight…but not this way. I literally lost everything I had wanted too in a little over a month. Ayo Aaliyahe over to me and I just held him and smiled as D held me.
As the last person left, I thanked mom for the party. I went back to my room and laid across the bed. D Aaliyahe in and began taking off my clothes. He kissed my wounds and told me how much he loved me. He told me he could not bare the thought of losing me or living w/o me. He told me when I was ready he would marry me. He said the time I was in the hospital had been the hardest time of his life. Said he put school on hold and was almost kicked out the military. Said he used all his time at work. Said he would do whatever needed to be done to make sure I was okay for the rest of my life. He just asked one simple question. To become his queen, Mrs. Slagle.
When I woke, I was in my bed in his arms. My baby had not flipped to his belly but stayed holding me all night. I got up to go to the restroom and he asked was I ok. I kissed him and told him to go back to sleep. He watched my every move and didn’t close his eyes until I was back in his arms. I told him I knew his arm was numb. And if he wanted to turn on his belly I was ok. I knew he was here and that made me happy. He only pulled me closer and kissed my forehead. I whispered that I loved him and told him I would love to be Mrs. Slagle. He looked at me with the biggest brightest smile ever, “You have made me the happiest man. I promise to love you the way you deserve. I can’t promise that every day will be sunny. But I can promise you that our sunny days will out way our cloudy days. Always talk to me. Confide in me. And thank you for helping me to become a better man. You love me like no other. You treat my daughter as though you birthed her. You complete me. You are my missing rib. And I promise to be the best husband for you. I love you my queen.” We kissed and locked in our commitment by making love. He was so gentle because he knew that he had just got his baby back. He knew she had to be around for years to come. That they would grow old together. But because this was the first time that she had given her body to him, he wanted it to be special. Never mind that they were in her parents’ home. Only thing that was clear was that he loved this woman and wanted to spend the rest of his life creating memories. She laid in his arms smiling because she was finally getting her happily ever after.

She woke up to her phone going off. Shoot she had fell asleep and her mom was about to have a fit. She rolled over forgetting about the pain down there…but suddenly remembered when she tried to swing out of bed. How was this going to work. She had to drive home. She was scared. She sat on the edge of the bed and cried. Just when she was about to get up and head to the bathroom the door opened. He stood their withStarbucks and this look in his eye. “I am so sorry. Are you upset? My boy is going to follow us to your house and I will drive your car. Do you think we should go to the hospital? How do you feel? Please say something,” he said looking at her witha look of concern. She said, “I feel like…like…a truck has run me over. I feel scared. It hurts so bad. Do you have a mirror? My mom is going to kill me,” she said as the tears began to flow again. He handed her a mirror and she laid on the bed to look. It looked awful…she vowed to never have sex again.
As she sat on the potty her legs began to shake. It burned so badly. She sat there and cried and asked God to forgive her. When she was done, she sat there. He looked at her and could tell that he was going to have to assist. So, he got out one of his shirts and slipped it on her. He put on her shoes and carried her to the car. He put her in his truck because he wanted her to be able to lay out. He had his boy drive her car and they hit the road. His truck had a smooth ride even withthe crazy driving he was doing. He got her home in 30mins.
Now here Aaliyahe the embarrassing part. When they pulled in the driveway he went up and rang the doorbell. No answer. She told him he would have to use her key to go in and then yell for her mom. You got this…he told himself as he unlocked the door. As he opened the door Ayo Aaliyahe running to the door…mommy. When he saw, it wasn’t her he started jumping up and down. “Miss Greene, Miss Greene, hi my name is Tony…I have your daughter,” he said nervous but strong. She Aaliyahe out the room, “what’s wrong withmy baby? How do you know her? What happened to her? Who are you?” The friend Aaliyahe running in, “she blacked out. We are going to have to take her to the hospital. Take her mom and I’ll bring Ayo.” Her mom stood there confused. Tony asked her to put on some clothes so he could get cand’e to the hospital. Her mom looking at him shocked, “said one minute.” She pointed his friend to the back room so he could get Ayo ready. Tony went out to the truck…she was out cold. He couldn’t believe this. He felt a tear coming down from his eye and gave himself a quick talk to get his self together. Right then her mom appeared and got in the truck. She looked at him. “what happened to my daughter and who are you?” He looked at her put his head down and asked if she could tell him where they were going b4 he began. He started from the beginning. She looked at him because she knew about the things from the beginning but didn’t know he was still around because she hadn’t heard anything about him. But shoot…she didn’t talk to her daughter about her life. It didn’t surprise her that she didn’t know he was still in the picture. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. But one thing was for sure…withall that was going on. She knew this man cared for her daughter and that she was in safe hands. They pulled up and he ran in. Everything happened so fast.
When her eyes opened, she was surrounded by noises. Once her vision cleared she looked up and saw Tony staring at her, “hi baby, how you feel?” “I’m ok, what happened? Where am I?” she said trying to put things together. She slowly began to remember what happened. “I got home and then…what happened Tony? Am I ok? Where is Ayo? Speak to me Tony,” she said confused. He told her that she had been in the hospital a couple of days and that Ayo was at school. He told her that he hasn’t left her side except to tend to Ayo. He told her that he was so sorry. That he didn’t know how strong he was. He said he talked to her mom for a while and that he was going to take her and Ayo withhim back to Cincinnati for her to get better. Said her mom couldn’t take off right now and that he had plenty of days and could work from home if needed. Said his friend would go get her mom anytime she wanted to come. Said he was so sorry and that he would spend the rest of his days making it right. She looked at him confused.
The doctor Aaliyahe in and told her she could go home. Said he would give her some pain meds. Said that she needs to be supervised and that she would need to keep the tube in for a few more weeks. He also told her that it would be a few months before she could have sex again and that she would not be able to have children. She looked at the doctor stunned and then looked at Tony. Tears began to roll down her eyes and she couldn’t find the words to say. Just then the door opened and her mom Aaliyahe in. She hugged her so tight, “how do you feel? Tony is going to take care of you. He is a good man. He feels bad for what has happened. He has guaranteed me he will spend the rest of his life making this up to us. He’s a good one baby. Let him help.” She looked at her. She knew her mother. All she could think was he must’ve told her about his money. because she always wanted her withsomebody who could take care of her financially and Tony could.
The nurse Aaliyahe in withthe discharge papers, her prescriptions, orders and instructions. She was pleasant. Right when she was getting ready to be wheeled out Mo Aaliyahe in witha bouquet of lily’s. “I know your mom said Cincinnati was taking care of you. But I am coming down for a few days to make sure he is handling his business. I mean because I know you and if you saw those eyebrows or that head you would have a fit,” she said laughing. For the first time in what seemed like forever she laughed.
AS she got settled in his beautiful home she just smiled. She couldn’t believe how far they had come. This was the man who changed phones all the time and would go ghost if she asked him anything personal…to now wanting to spend the rest of his life withher. She was ready for the challenge but she was also nervous. She knew there were things he needed that she couldn’t give him. She knew he needed a woman that had a little hood in her that had some edge. So she only could wonder how long it would last before he got bored.
As she sat their withtears beginning to run down her eyes MO walked in, “What’s wrong? Do you need something? Are you in pain?” “I’m good doll…what’s up,” not wanting to tell MO what was going through her head. No matter how she tried to hide it Mo knew something was wrong. But because she knew her friend she didn’t want to press it. Instead she just focused on the matter at hand.
As she laid there next to him sleeping…she knew he loved her. But she couldn’t let it go that she felt that eventually she would lose him. She cried and prayed and asked God why did she always sabotage herself. She wanted to know what it was from her past that made her think that good wasn’t good. He moved and saw she was awake, “baby what’s wrong, why are you not sleeping? Are you crying? Babe…what’s going on? Are you in pain? Do you need something?” She looked at him, “I love you. I just hope that I am enough for you. I am so in love withyou. You have stolen my heart withyour crazy self.” She smiled and stroked his head. He moved in closer to her and began to kiss her. She moaned because it had been awhile since she felt his touch. He took his tongue and did things to her yammies that she had never felt. He massaged her stomach and she could tell that he yearned for her. “I love you. I am so sorry baby; I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you. I got beside myself. Your love is so sweet. Teach me how to be gentle withyou. Teach me how to love you.” He said as he rubbed her stomach. She wanted him so bad…but the doctor said NO. And she had promised God that she would not.
She pushed him back, kissed down his torso and took him in. He bucked and began to moan. She wanted to show him how much he meant to her in a way that only the two of them could appreciate. She was proud because she believed she had mastered giving him aussie kisses and knew what it took to make him climax. When he was getting ready to go; he would grab her head and yell her name. When he was done, she went to the restroom to get a warm rag to clean off what didn’t go in her mouth. She loved this man and everything about him. He walked up behind her, “I can’t wait until I can return the favor. Thank you, baby, you know what to do and how to do it. I am one lucky man.” “Nah…you a boss baby. And don’t you forget.” She said as she began stroking and wiping him down. You going to start something. You better stop. She smiled looked at him and sashayed out the bathroom.
As he climbed into the bed, he pulled her in, looked at her and smiled. When she closed her eyes, she promised herself she would not focus on what she couldn’t give him. But would focus on making her happily ever after last forever.